new character game

hello to evry one :eyebrowlift:

this is my new character game with ititrex :cool:
as you can see its lowpoly character


the face’s texture looks strange. the rest is nice. good work.

thank you brother about your critice i was design the face textures in photoshop^

I think it looks pretty good too. Some more work on the face painting is needed. He looks a little bit like a cave man?

Really like the hair.

Hi gfxeye ! May i ask you what kind of game will it be?

The character looks good;) ,can you tell us the polycount please?

A good game character should be 1000 polys at the max, it’s good practice to try to get your polycount as low as possible and use textures for the detail.

I think this is the game its for:

I think low poly main characters can be in the 2000 range and that is normal, from what I have read here on the forum? Although if you are always looking at the backside, why not make them just 1000 or even less.

kinda looks like a player from skate…

anyway, looking good, and i kinda like the face texture.

thank you slink
js90 in my model there are just 1494poly
by the way am gfx man who design the swat character i love character design

ohhh i dont know this skate game:no::no::no:


It kinda looks like he got skin grafts on his cheeks. I’d try making them less rosy and shiny, unless thats they way you like of course :D. Cool hair.

ok i will paint another face skin soon because in those days i have lot of to in university of politics i heat politics but i cant change my way i cant change my fathe loool

A good game character should be 1000 polys at the max, it’s good practice to try to get your polycount as low as possible and use textures for the detail.

not at all, heck doom 3 characters a lot of time had near 6k polys and thats 5 year old technology. The trick is to make your LOD work very effectively.

I think he might actually be referring to the poly count specifically for use in the Blender GE.

If you were using the doom 3 engine, model as much as you want. With blender, you need to more wise about the polys.

Jason Lin

Even Crysis would sputter if you pile up enough polys, so I wouldn’t assume you’d have millions of polys in the Doom 3 engine.

If you really need detail then learn normal and parrelax mapping using BGE’s GLSL

Blender’s BGE can handle hundreds of thousands of static polygons at high framerates with the new display list optimization Ovidiu put in (I tested it on super high poly lighted spheres and didn’t sputter), just note even with Doom 3 your framerate will really drop after adding physics and logic.

for a typical indie engine I’ve always tried to keep characters that have high focus have around 3k polys with normal maps (512x512) spec maps (256x256) and a diffuse with (256x256-1024x1024), everyone else gets a 256x256-512x512 diffuse map and possible a 128x128 normal map. I do realise these engines are a little slow, but also with effective use of LOD it makes it a little less restricting.

…I can’t imagine that happening…but I know it could…:eek:

Back on topic, GREAT job gfxman. Cant wait to put it in the game.

Yea :slight_smile:

What ititrx said :slight_smile:

  • Nice work :slight_smile:


thank you brothers about the inormation about the polycounts
thanks ititrx
thanks mmph