New Character Model

Well i haven’t posted anything serious on these forums yet, just a couple of questions, i’ve mainly been being amazed by some of the works on this forum :slight_smile:
anyway this is the model i’m working on at the moment, It’s my first one that’s actually more than 20 polygons. I think he’s almost finished, i’ve finished his mesh, he’s got a texture map ,lighting and a rig. The texture map is pretty terrible, i was feeling sick of photoshop at the time, and rushed it sadly :frowning: i’m going to have to go back and do it again.
I learnt most of how to do this from following a bunch of different tutorials all over the place, most of them were from youtube, by a guy called ward, didn’t follow them exactly just enough to do what i wanted.

I did do clothes!! i just hated them so much, mainly the texture that i deleted them :), i’m going to need to do them again.
I’ve also done a walk cycle, but i need to re-render it, i had to fix up quite a bit, that’s why he is in that pose, i’ll render it later tonight.

] i got rid of the SSS it was making him look to plastic, he still does, actually i think i need to go change the lighting, and those eyebrows are terrible, but is there a way to make children closer together? because i can’t get them any thinner than that.

he does have legs, the lighting doesn’t show it, mainly because i haven’t done toes, i mean to make shoes sometime… fingers were enough for me.
I hope you like it :), still needs a lot more work… clothes…

your hands could use some work, and the ears look like they are backwards?
maybe you can try using my hand pictures to fix that?

Im curious how did you do your hair?
is your skin a texture or render settings?

good first character model though. maybe I should post pics of my first one, it looks like crap, and is untextured.

the one you commented on is my second. for the most part I havent used any tuts only a few reference photos.

-a bad topology photo that was hard to make out.
-model sheet I found some years ago when I first was getting into 3Ding stuff.
-a anime type character for some fashion design crap that I like the proportions(shes alot taller the eight or was it seven heads tall. I forget the body measurement concept)
-and various others unrelated to 3Dmodeling mostly to find clothing taste for her.

sorry for the long post but I hope this helps somehow.

good luck

Woah your hands are great, i think the problem with mine is the rigging in those renders, i think it’s out of line or something, your knuckles are alot better though.
here’s the hands with the rigging set back to it’s original place, just a slight fix from me, i’ll see if i can get the knuckles like yours.
Here’s the Topology, sorry about the rig, i should’ve of hidden it, and the fingers are hard to depict, but i didn’t want to fill up the page with renders, i haven’t figured out how to do thumbnails yet:confused:

the ears look like they are backwards?

are they? i pretty much followed the tutorial for those exactly, just altered the ear lobes, maybe that’s it? i’ll need to go get myself a mirror lol

Im curious how did you do your hair?
is your skin a texture or render settings?

you mean the settings for the particle hair? or that it was particle hair? i posted the specs up in the screenshot above for you if you want. it’s just a vertice group of the faces i wanted on the head all with a weight of one, then i just applied the system to it, the eye brows were painted on. As for the texture, i got a UV map and just did a quick run over it with the paint brush in PS, then again with a darker brush, but only on raised areas.

good first character model though

thanks :slight_smile:

haha yeah, i can’t find a good set of clothes i want for this guy, i had a simple t-shirt and bordies, but they were to simple, and had to much shape, i’ll have to find something else.

haha sorry for the length of the post

I guess alot of people use particles for the hair. thanks for the screen shot.

lol no I meant is your guys body a texture you made or a material for render?

how can you use 4 screens at once I just stick to one lol get better close ups and more screen that way.