New character + rig for short film

I sat down and drew up references a couple of days ago for this guy, and I am continually working on the rig. It is very animateable, and I think it’s the first ok rig I’ve made yet. It’s rigged so that the characters’ muscles will flex, too. Here you go:

Looks good, but it has a few small problems.

First, the elbow has a large disk shaped area that sticks out much farther than the rest of the mesh. The back of the knee has the infamous problem of ‘creasing’ when bent very far, as well as making bad looking bumps sticking out the side of the knee.
The hand is a little to long, and the back of the heel sticks out to far when the foot is bent downward.

But, having said all that, the rig looks very nice, I like the look of the custom controls you have on there, and the model is good looking to, despite how simplistic it is.

Keep up the good work!

Turin Turambar, that sword blade is at least five feet long. Way too long to be properly controlled. Someone with a regular length sword would be inside that point almost immediately, stabbing your poor swordsmen to death. Shorten it, please. (Unless it’s some kind of light saber thing)