New Character.(super fast jet boost alien)

[INDENT][INDENT][INDENT]Hello everyone.Yes i was bored today so i made this little project or doodle which i came to like.I am planning to use this for a still or animation but i basically want to improve my modelling skills.This character is supposed to be really fast it has a jet pack attached to its body.and i want him to be stream lined.Anywayz enough talk here are some screen shot and some renders:

[/INDENT][/INDENT]C & C greatly appreciated.


Is it a sonic like character ?
perhaps a wireframe would help people helping you for the modelling …

It isn’t very detailed or formed right now. People aren’t commenting cause everything’s too vague for them to comment right now. You can’t just throw something in and expect people to say stuff.

Of course, here’s something. If you want him to be streamlined, I’d make his head more long than tall. Your guys head is kind of stretched vertically right now, which would make a lot of wind resistance.

Thats a good start. I’d like to see how you go with adding the arms/shoulders as that is probably the area that needs most attention.

You’ve done some work on the muscles from the kneck, which is good, but you need to think about the shape of the top of the ribcage where they attach to. You need to add some definition for the collarbones particularly.

I’d look at the back of the head too, it seems rather low-res for detailing. If you have any sketches of what you are thinking for it that would probably help.

You’ve obviously put thought into the shape of this, it shows. Thats great :slight_smile:

update the final form is biggining to take form eh??C & C highly/greatly appreciated…

I dunno. His head doesn’t look very streamlined, is my main problem. It seems too tall. Kinda… oblong. Search for ‘aerodynamic helmet’ on google and see what comes up.

thank you Black Boe.I considered what you said searched google.And the only thing i found within the four pages of the search was this one:

should i make it look like that.I still havent started detailing the face thought.Right now my main goal is to get the overall shapes with some streamlined edgeloops so they can help me later on in the detailing.And yes the character will obviously be abit big.I think its cause the hand blades are really big…got anyideas people?

Eh, it’s close. I’m referring to I think the first one that came up, though. Cause if it’s a. alien and b. meant to be streamlined, it could have more of a helmet-shaped head than a human-head-with-a-helmet-on-it-shaped head. These are just ideas though, and my ideas are usually off the wall at best. :stuck_out_tongue:

those look like biker helmets:p .Or do you think i should go with typical motor bike helmets…you know the ones with the glass…:confused:

Oh, is it wearing a helmet? I thought it was actually going to–

Actually, on second thought. I’m not ENTIRELY sure what I, myself, am talking about. I had some idea way back in the depths of time, but I’ve pretty much lost it, now. :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe.Thans for the support anywayz mayn!please come back when you remeber what it was u were going to advise me;) .Peace!
p.s. updates will be up soon so keep on checking ppl!:smiley: