new character (update on page 3)

Here’s a new character I’ve started working on for an animation sequence inspired by the Elysiun animation challenge. It may or may not get finished in time for the challenge, but I do intend to finish it anyway :slight_smile:

I have a story in mind that follows the challenge theme (“gift of flight”), where this character receives a gift involving the concept of flight and then puts it to good use.

I modelled him completely in 2.35, and I must say I am really enjoying the new editing features. Thanks Ton et al for all the new goodies! :smiley:


Cool toonish modelling. 8) No crits, really good so far.


Robertt you amaze me… modelling & rigging & animating a completely new mesh for the animation challenge. The work so far is great I can’t wait to see the final anim.

  • emk

mouth area looks prolematic for animating.
I hope it deforms correctly.


those characters are not easy to make, especially in a shot period of time, very nicly done

is this one of the incredables characters?

would like to see more angles and photos

good work!

Raseri: Thanks! The model started out very toonish indeed. I’ll probably keep it mostly that way given the type of animation look I’m going for here :slight_smile: The model has changed a little. I’ll post an update below.

emk: Thanks so much emk! The deadline is closer than I had hoped for, so we’ll see how much can get done between now and then.

basse: Good eyes basse :wink: Yes, the mouth area had some issues in the earlier form, so I spent some time this morning reworking that area and testing it with some RVKs. Seems to deform pretty well for the limited speaking I have in mind for this character, although he’ll not be speaking much in the animation :slight_smile:

Wu: The Incredibles was a great movie, and, although this character isn’t based on that, something near the quality of animation in that film is something I would like to reach in this piece (asking way too much I know, but I do like to challenge myself :D) – this is a long term goal, since I probably won’t even finish in time for the deadline considering the multiple scenes I have in mind for this short.

And now for an update:

Gave him eyes, a shirt, started marking off material regions, cleaned up the mesh too. Next will be the rig.

There are two other characters in this short, his mother and father. The scene will probably start out in the living room on Christmas morning.

LOTS of work to do!


It sounds like it’ll be a great animation, and the model looks awesome! If you have something by Thursday, even just a few test renders, definitely submit it to the animation contest cuz we’d all love to see it.

looks cool man,…how come you did away with the gigantic eyeballs? i kind of liked them grossly oversized. as a cartoon teacher of mine once said, when doing toons, you really want to be over the top, whacky, zany etc. crAAAZY!

Ya know Robertt, it’d be a lot easier to criticize you if you didn’t rock so much. Anyway, the small eyes look much less creepy. Stick with this.

mikejedw: Thanks so much :smiley: It might just end up being a test animation but I’ll see what can be done over the next few days.

Modron: Thank you very much Modron. I started out wanting them huge, really exaggerated, but as often happens when tweaking a mesh the thing took a life of its own :slight_smile: If this character works out well I will be likely using it in another short.

NQE1: Thanks! :slight_smile: I think the eyes seem about right (in the update below) for the slightly cartoonish proportions I wanted for this character --or rather, as I was saying to Modron in so many words, what this character seemed to want for itself ;).

Well it’s about time for another update:

This isn’t going so fast :stuck_out_tongue: All procedural materials including the eyes. Materials are very early and basic and will be revisited for sure. Materials will be kept fairly basic though. Still have to make the rig and then his parents…

Ah, more to come…


Nice simple character Robertt. No crits from me.


most impressive,
only crit would be the eyes, one looks larger, and they also seem a little uneven,
but other then that it looks great, are you also going to model the mom and dad characters
look forward to the animation, i will be sure to download the divx codec

Thank you very much BgDM!

And thank you too Wu for the kind words :slight_smile:

I deeply appreciate the encouragement and feedback.

This evening was spent working on the rig and doing some test poses/RVKs. I wound up making it fully articulated.

Here’s a new test shot:

To be continued…


Praise the lord…

you know what will fit that charechter? amazing hair like in “the incredibles”.

Is there something special in your rig setup to make all the join soft? weight paint? or it was “from closest bone” and almost working out of the box?

yes cool style…

@ner, yes hair of that quality would indeed be sweet :slight_smile: I don’t have time to try something like that in the couple of days left though. I’ll be happy if I can squeak out a test animation, but this will continue past the challenge :wink:

Gabio: In certain rigs I use very small intermediary bones at pivot joints. I find this helps for IK purposes and to produce more gradual deformations around areas such as elbows, etc. I did assign vertex groups from closest bones.

Time for an update! Meet the family:


have to say very nice i was working on some caracters also but sadly my laptop crashed and i will be unable to show you till i remodel them

Small update - the mother character refined…

All characters now rigged and ready. Now on to scene one…