new character wip

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well here is my new character wip:

I need tips especially on texturing, i think the model is ok.

cya henrik

(doogs) #2


copying rustboy.

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Do you really think so? hmm… it shall look nice and friendly :-?

copying rustboy.

Like I said in #BlenderChat.No. I’d like to make such high-quality work but I am not
copying rustboy!

(Stungun) #4

haha don’t worry about copying, that is always a good practise :smiley:

I would add maybe some scratches/dust spots, stuff like that
you can easily use “stucci” for the most of that, be sure to scale it down pretty small, so a LOT of tiny bumps are to be seen, that can add some more realism to your texturing, it can always work nicely as a “final touch” to your material :smiley:

good luck on it, never mind doogs, haha
copy to be equal, practise and advance to be superior 8)

i want to see that bot made superior by your imagination,
halleluhjah :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well there is already a stucci -texture … hehe I’ll have to add some more 8)

(Stungun) #6

I guess so, it looks sort of smooth right now, and that of course cannot be when big parts of the metal have been rusted away

or just get some rusty metal textures off the internet, and use them for a NOR map, that always seems to do the trick

  • Stungun

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well, i have a spec and nor map I’ll look what I can make with it :wink: