New character: young girl

Here’s my latest character in progress. The plan is to animate her when I get around to it.

Her head is still mirrored so there’s a few minor details to smooth out there when she’s joined. She still needs ribbons in her hair, eyelashes, eyebrows and of course, she needs a body.

This is the first time I’ve used vertex painting (no UV mapping here) and I’m happy with the result.


Very nice. The front area under the hair and above the eyebrows (what’s the english word for “fronte”?!) seems a little too wide.



looking good:)
Using vertex painting is very easy and gets good results as we can see, I uses vetex painting all the time;)

what would also be nice is some faked SSS using vertex paint, especially on the ears

and the back of the head

what would also be nice is some faked SSS using vertex paint, especially on the ears and the back of the head

Tell me more. (SSS on the back of the head?). I painted the ears with a tinge of red to give them a little glow but I really haven’t read much about scattering. She does have an all-over noise on the skin to give a little texture.

I’m not too concerned about lots of special effects on her since she’ll only be used in a tiny animation but SSS is something I expect I’ll be interested in one day.

As for the forehead, I’m pretty happy with the width at this stage for this character. I’ll see how the whole head looks when it’s sitting on a body though. For anyone who remembers my generic man, this girl was actually morped directly from that mesh (side by side you can see similarities). I might see how many other characters I can develop from it later.

here’s a python script if you’re lazy:

although I couldn’t get it to fully work in 2.40.

It would be a bit of a problem though (same with trying to fake it), as it doesn’t have support for animation,

I think SSS would spoil the cartoon style, but I may be wrong. If you’re going to keep the pupils dilated you’ll have to model lots of candy bars to stuff in her pockets… and chocolate on her cheeks.


He he. The eyes will remain huge for the animation I have planned (It’s a Christmas theme so you were on the right track).

It did cross my mind that at one point it would be good for the pupil to shrink to pinpoint but that’s not going to be easy to achieve with the current setup since the colours are just face materials and shrinking the faces would flatten the sphere or form a point. I’ll revisit the area if it turns out the change is necessary but at this stage, cuteness is the main aim.

Maybe I could resize an image texture for the pupil… hmm.

I dunno… in The Incredibles it really added, I thought, to the believability of the characters. I think it comes down to how the animated character will move: if you don’t plan to do a lot of squash/stretch, then SSS makes the character POP a little more, IMHO.

  • /me gets nostalgic and pops in The Incredibles DVD *