New Character

(castro.sgabriel) #1

New WIP guys! Sculpting phase.
Feedbacks are welcome!

The Barber
(Tarik Krug) #2

Looks awesome! but the lips could use more work and i have question about how did you sculpted the hair its looks so nice!

(castro.sgabriel) #3

I did some changes on the lips. Tell me what you think.

About the hair: I duplicate the head, smooth out the eyes, the nose, mouth, etc. Then I scaled it down a little bit and started to sculpt using the clay strips brush on the scalp.

(castro.sgabriel) #4

Testing some new things

(castro.sgabriel) #5

Some hair testing

(Tarik Krug) #6

Wow! it looks awesome! the eyes at the second render was better than now but its just my personal opnion.
Keep up the good work!

(castro.sgabriel) #7