New Character

I just threw this together before going on the internet tonight. I just thought I would post it because I kind of like it. The model was already made. I simply styled the hair, made a pink hair texture, and threw in some eyes. It might look flat and square (like most of my other posts) because I almost always render in Orthographic mode.

Hey L.A. the model is great and the hair is very nice but I have some critics: the hair looks like it is coming from just a few points out of her head in stead of all over here head. Perhaps you could increase the number of verticles you used for the starting points of the particles. (I asume you used static particles?..) Also the irisses in the eyes are a bit too close to eachother. Is the browner vertical line in the middle of her face a shadow or a seal? Mind that. Perhaps the hair could go a bit more appart from eachother in her neck. Now it looks like she has less thicker hairs.

Perhaps I am totally wrong, it’s just my critical opinion.

is that a man or a woman…looks like a man…but…pink hair :-?

It appears that the above link no longer takes you directly to my pic. Anyway, I didn’t use particles for this. And I believe the line in the middle is a shadow. The hair is made of a series of planes, well it’s kinda hard to explain. Just go to the Makehuman website for a description of how to make this type of hair. Thanks for the comments.