New Character

Every user should have a thread titled this. :wink:

Here’s my new character design, in simple rough form. Any thoughts already?


Looks good so far. However the ribs shouldn’t be so wide up the top and the stomach shouldn’t be so skinny :slight_smile:

Perhaps I’ve still got it exaggerated too far? :? I was looking for a character shape similar to something like these two:

The arms and legs are rather “Meet The Robinsons” style, yet my own take on them.

I suppose I should have made it clear that this is a cartoon character, and very “caricatured”. With that in mind, still need to move the shoulders in? (And the stomach joint is just something I threw in at first. Working from a character design sketch I made that was very basic. It may get bumped out a bit.)

Hair still needs work, but…

BTW, any one know how/why the bake editing mode has those pink vertices’s at times, and not on others? I found that I can’t groom the hair well when it’s got those pink dots, but if they’re not there, I’m good to go. This is with the latest build of the particle rewrite.

Any help would be most greatly appreciated. (Double adverbs shows you just how much!)


Looks good. The hair can use some work but other than that it is good. Sorry but I can’t help you out with the bake editing. Never actually tried it before. Good luck!


Yep, I popped in the latest Little Fella Rig (“popped” is a bit of an exaggeration… More like, carefully tuned the rig… :wink: ).

But he can MOVE! Thanks to FreakyDude for the rig! :smiley:


He’s now in his scene. :slight_smile: Look here: