New Charakter Design


This is Alex, my new Charakter Design.

Ah, I see you used your shoes. :wink: Nice job! She looks really good. :slight_smile: Did you rig her?

Thank you :wink:

Alex is a friend of mine, and we made Pictures from her.
I have made a rig, but it works not so good.
Something is broken.
But for Posing works :wink:

Thanks for showing what photos you used, I was curious what angles you need for texturing a person. :slight_smile:

Nice work. Would you mind posting a front and side view of your character’s head, like in the reference photos? Thanks.

Hi I am no character artist, and for sure I’ll never be able to do such a modeling. Maybe I’m wrong but I think that her eyes are a bit too far away from each other. But as I said I maybe wrong.

Thank you, Ludovic_L!

I have a Problem whit Modelling in Orthocraphic and Perspective view.

In Orthographic looks very nice, but in Perspective its ugly.

What I’ve done to reduce the problem.
In the camera settings the focal length from 35.00 to 200.00
The gone but not the right. Does anyone have ideas?

she looks a little like Cate Blanchett to me for some reason!
very nice work!

Lol :slight_smile: now that you say it. That’s right, only slightly younger.

Thanks for sharing these details. As I said before, it’s nice work.

Increasing the focal length is good. If someone was to take a closeup of a face with a real camera and a 35mm lens, they would have to get very close to the subject, and the perspective would look bad. So portraits are usually taken with a longer lens, from a farther distance. Blender is the same way. In addition to changing the render camera, you can also change the 3D view setting on the N menu to look better in perspective mode.

A reference photo contains perspective from some (possibly unknown) camera lens. Trying to line up details in orthographic mode with a perspective photo is going to result in some problems. The solution is… well, I don’t know. :slight_smile:

Thank you pscott752

its vary helpfull for me!
I have now set the focal length to 350 and it looks much better!
And Thank you so much for the tipp ( N menu to look better in perspective mode. )
The next Charakter will be better :slight_smile:

Skin doesn’t look very natural, you should use some SSS, assuming your computer can handle it. Also, the mouth seems too flat, also I believe as a rule of thumb it’s said you shouldn’t model exclusively in orthographic view.

Yes, it is sss shader and my computer can handle this.
Do you need the shader settings to look?

This one its a new render