New Chip Flavour

Ok, so there’s a competition running in Aus. to come up with a new flavour of chips.
Anyone got any ideas?

I’ll be sure to give you some of my prize money if u supply with me with the winning idea;)

Either Pizza Picante, or Spicy Buffalo Wing Dipped in Blue Cheese flavored. Mmm… sounds good.

You know, I’ve never seen fruit flavored chips before. I bet you could find some such flavor that would taste good in chip form. Or Perhaps banana? Maybe peanut butter flavored chips, haha. Shrimp flavored? Perhaps a bag of shrimp flavored chips mixed with cocktail sauce flavored ones, that sounds pretty good.

I think you’ll need to think outside of the box for this one, at least I would. Most participants will probably suggest the normal range of flavors. Surely there is a whole unexplored spectrum of good tasting chip flavors out there.

You should find someone with synesthesia and have them describe flavors like “very sexually attractive person” or maybe “copious amounts of money”. I’m sure theres also a niche market for ‘dispair’ or ‘regret’ flavored chips too ;).

Chips? As in burger and chips?

Don’t they generally come in umm potato flavour?

I’ve always wanted Mango Peppercorn chips…

I think he means what you might call potato crisps. :spin:

Some quick ideas:
-kim chi
-curry (yellow)

Not mince - they was a disaster.

Anchovy and vinegar, salted of course.


-Hot fudge
-Cinnamon suger combo
-Seasoned ground beef like in tacos
-Butter/suger/cinnamon/chocolate all in one

Shrimp flavored? Perhaps a bag of shrimp flavored chips mixed with cocktail sauce flavored ones, that sounds pretty good.

They got those in the UK. Though, like Egan says, Curry flavoured chips would be quite a delight. Actually, why not seasoned/sundried/salted tomato flavoured? That sounds real good. mmmm


Here in the United States, many of the (savory) flavors listed are indeed available, but I am not sure what they have in Australia.

Especially here in California shrimp chips are very popular, but they aren’t made out of potatoes, but rather flour or tapioca.

I tried them and they are nice. In these tough times it’s good to know that there is still shrimp flavoured flour chips in the 'states and some one likes them.


Thanks for all the suggestions guys.

Yeah i do mean potato “crisps” as egan said. Having those flavoured would be horrible anyway.

I’ll give all of these a try, since you can enter as many times as you like.
You also have to submit a picture so if anybody’s got a scrumptious looking picture please share, would be much appreciated.

sweet potato + brown sugar

Bacon grilled cheese sandwich…

Chipotle garlic.
And I second wasabi and third curry!


how about “all natural” or “organic” ??? :yes::yes::yes:

Guano flavoured chips, just dont tell them it’s actually bat’s poo and im pretty sure your not supposed to eat it anyway XD

They were doing chocolate flavoured crisps in the UK not so long ago with a few others like curry i think etc…, apparantly they all pretty much tasted vile.

Personally I love lime flavour crisps :slight_smile: and sweet tai.

keep the flavours simple… most crisps stick to the same flavours, often using ‘fancy’ names like ‘rock salt’ instead of salt, or sour cream and chives which is pretty much cheese and onion :/. …

They recently made the “Nations Chip” in New Zealand.
This was a poll where people submitted flavours and the nation voted for the best.
Somehow “Cheesymite”(Cheese & Vegemite) won.
Then again, the runner-ups were Pavlova and Fish and Chips.