New clean thread, Quadruped dynamic physics armature walker

Lizard skin at the moment

Moment based on dynamic motion controller idea, I need to be able to use key frames to create motion offsets, or apply torque until frame “state” of object is met ie alignment of key +/- a tolerance, I need someone who is a better coder to take a look at it :), it will all be open source and credited to whoever works on it,

added lizard jump, a front legs back, cheetah style run


Lizard.blend (659 KB)Lizard (jump).blend (659 KB)

Added Jump /

All three blends (the two here and the one from the other thread) crash for me. It appears to be the connection between the mesh and armature. Maybe it would be best if you stuck to a single thread, rather than making new ones for the same subject. If the blend is supposed to work correctly and is giving your trouble, try distilling it down to a simpler example.

hrm, it works for multiple people, what build are you running?

I have a Dev team and a google drive…
do you have an unmodded copy running?

I’m running Windows 7 64-bit, but I’m using a recent Blender build from the buildbot for 32-bit systems (r53402).

I don’t know what you mean by ‘unmodded copy’.

Unmoded= Official version. enjoy this!!!