New coffee breake FPS: Dwarf Hunt

Dwarf Hunt is a FPS that makes extensive use of the bullet physics engine.
Just find the Stupid Dwarf and hit it with a Ball. The fun raises with every killed dwarf.:spin:

LMB: shoot
MMB: Quit Game (it’s fast if your boss comes around the corner)
RMB: Walk
To stand still move the mousecursor to the center (mousecontrol for minimum hand movement)
Right Hand: CoffeeCup!

Download for Linux and Windows at

Please let me know what you think.

This is great; it’s very professionally made from install to uninstall (how do you do that? :confused:) and the graphics are really well done.

HOWEVER - 1. It’s too choppy; the screen tears too much, maybe you should cap the framerate at 30fps by doing setLogicTicRate(30) etc

  1. Sound effects don’t always work, maybe you should use a python based sound system like PyGame, Blender sound system is rickity it’s ridiculous.

  2. Maybe put in a turning animation for the dwarfs? It would add some more charm to the characters; also, needs to be more obvious highlights when dwarf is hit e.g. cartoon explosion flash maybe?

Otherwise - good. I look forward to the next, superior version. :wink:

Best game by far for a first post! Actually, better than some who’ve been here a while.

Did I just say that?

Anyway, fun little game! I enjoyed it…especially the simplicity: simple, complete, and fun.

Good Job!


Very nice when they turn into baloons XD