New comp :)

hey i jsut got a new shit fast computer and i have a large amount of time on my hands at the moe so if anyones taking ages to render something id be happy to render it test my computer. can subdivide a plane 8 times and no slow down :).

uhhh??? im glad to hear it…but why post this here?? off topic maybe… :wink:

Yes, quite off topic…

No way dudes, you gotta believe this dude. He’ll take your WIPs and MEGArender the SHIT out of them, man!! He’s gonna get that uncompressed 720x480 AVI file to you in like, half hour after you give him your .blend

Half hour TOPS, Dudes!!!

Shhhhhhh! don’t let the feds hear! The patriot act has a special stipulation about rendering simulations of reality too quickly…

its another steve_rulez!!! :x :<

ps: the original was me… :expressionless:


Oh no my rights are being violated!

Hehe, glad to see you got a new comp!

So what? I can subdivide a plane 8 times and not slow down. If blendermax didn’t have that lovely sheep for an avatar, I’d blame him. “But he looks so peaceful…”

what are you insinuating? :-? that you think im this drlector? if that is what you’re hinting at, i tell you im not…i did one stunt with steve_rulez and i had enough. %|

Nah, relax. Just pointlessing around…

and someone should really lock this thread.

phew… :smiley:

i agree, plus chuck out that drlecter guy.