New composite nodes and cool color correction trick

Hello all,

I would like to make some new nodes for the compositor, and am having trouble finding exactly how to built and integrate them. Does anyone know where to find the relevant info ?

The nodes I would like to build are;
a larger node viewing screen to see node parameters in a different window
a 2d motion tracker
a decent deinterlacer
RGB to YUV node or YUV blur node (for doing DV blur)

Question; can I make python scripts into nodes ? How can they be called into the node add menu ?

Also, a cool trick I found last night (not sure if anyone’s found it yet); take an image node and a normal node, and run both outputs into a mix node, set to overlay). You will get a “color wheel”, similar to other programs, for doing cool color correction.

The above isn’t for the compositor per se, but it should get you started; the rest of what you’d need to know could probably be sussed by pouring over the compositor node code. Seems they’ve made it fairly easy to plug in the code you want. Good luck, and post back to this thread if you create something cool.