New Computer... and money lol

Ok I am thinking of what to do…

either upgrade my 17" tube moniter to a 42" Plasma widescreen


buy nice sound card + nice surround speakers (preferably sony)


upgrade motherboard to that
and upgrade my geforce 5200 to geforce 6800 Ultra
and upgrade my ram to run dual channel – 1 gb total
and upgrade power supply because I have too for all that
and a fan or fans to cool it all…

my mind is pretty much made up… can you tell. But my question for you guys to help me with is which video card should I get… I want nvidia… and a 6800 Ultra or GT probably Ultra, but which company to buy from. Anyone had any experience with this. i was lookin for some guides on this sort of thing but none came up.

Yea I know I will have the fastest computer in PA or somethin… and plan on getting a very high score on all benchmark sites wa ha ha…

help, but this is for a purches at middle of summer 2005 but I like to keep track of stuff till then, and would like to know what I would get if i could get it now.

Thanks in advance!

Top of the line. Best of the bunch. I buy all my cards from Albatron.

Why sony?

i havea moral objection to sony. they are not actually a high quality company. and their shit don’t smell like roses.

BOSE is the best music system you can get, they are truly amasing systems




nearly all of these are more bang for your buck over Sony (although BOSE systems will cost a pretty penny, they are definatly worth it. my friend has a 5.1 channel system set up in every room of the house, with them all controlled from a central system or via a through walls remote. damn impressive stuf from tiny tiny speakers.)

only 2000 pounds for a cheap Bose system :stuck_out_tongue:

p.s. don’t get sony :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d buy the plasma screen. Unfortunately, I’ve heard that they don’t really last very long, so then again…

I voted for the “overall womping computer,” only because there was no option for “all of the above.” :stuck_out_tongue: Time for a second job (or some overtime!). :smiley:


I’d like:

  1. 30 " TFT screen from Apple (the most insane display ever):,1311,sz=1&i=86150,00.jpg

  2. A wavemaster cabinet (how cool is that?)

  3. A dual Opteron (AMD) system to the latest specs.

  4. at least 4 GB of DualChannel 400x2 memory (would like 1200 mhz ram…but only Apple have that)

  5. A wacom Intuos 3 for those 2D-drawing pleasures:

  6. A GeForce 6 series 6800 - ultra. with at least 256 Mb ram.

Hm…Am I greedy?

Hmmm…let’s see…

30" HD Cinema Display - $3299.00 @

AMD Opteron Model 250, 1MB L2 Cache ($851 ea.) x 2 - $1702 @

Wavemaster case - $154.50 @

4GB of Dual-Channel RAM - ~$730 @

Wacom Intuos 3 A4 (the one pictured) - 498,68 EUR @ (approx. $570 USD)

Albatron nVidia GeForce FX 6800 Ultra 256MB RAM - $599.50 @

SO, for your tiny god, you would need to spend about $7055 USD. I don’t know how many Euros that is, but it sure is a hell of a lot of dollars. :smiley: Note that this list does not include anything that you didn’t list (motherboard, drives, cables, etc.). Post a pic if you ever get it.


I really want a drawing tablet, but I can’t find one that I can afford.

tablet should be about $150 USD for a graphire 3. A5 size


well the sony speakers was an example – and I know Bose is good. Don’t think I ever heard a speaker from them though.

I didn’t put an all of the above option on there cause I have ~1250 USD to spend. lol And I really lik having power lol.

So plasmas don’ last long huh? I think I heard something like this before, like to the effect of you have to replace the plasma in em every 2 years or something. Ok … but it’d still be nice.

And about all those parts you guys listed, I really kinda have my mind set up… 64 bits are the way to go lol, now don’t get fussy, but I could use it as this will be my upgrade for a min of 5 years. I have 4.1 surround now with microlab sub + satalites (2). and some crap generic speakers with Dragon Soyo on them (my motherboard company). But overall my rear speakers make it all up, very nice for the size… will get a pick up for you guys to see + my case and parts.

By the way, does anybody host lan parties often… well I do small ones anyway and I need a very reliable hub… small and preferably durable… must be compatiable with just about evrything. Any suggestions?

Ok took some quick shots of my comp, sorry I don’t feel like editing right now so some are sideways.

Oh and some quick specs…

Dragon Soyo Lite M-Board P4X400
Above mentioned speakers
GEM Star 17" Moniter
Soyo Case (with handle, pretty nice)
512 mb PC3200 Corsair
XFX Geforce FX 5200
3 port pci card firewire
built in 6 port usb 2
integrated sound (6.1 with spidif)
1 cd-rw good-quality
1 cd-rom old old old - has problems reading disk’s now
120 GB WD hard drive
Celeron 2.7 ghz with P4 fan (came with a bundle good price)

So just leave some feedback… I will probably ask again in a few months lol.


edit: oops and a floppy drive for transferring to inferior school comps lol

I say…

Pentium4 3.8Ghz
Geforce 6800 ULTRA OC
200GB Hard drive
and all the beautiful other parts

i have realized that as long as my computer can run blender, I don’t need it to go any faster. Now, I wouldn’t upgrade my computer to play games, I would just buy an xbox and a ps2 and play on the plasma.

get the plasma