New Computer for ox

Here it is:

full armor thermaltake tower
asus a8n-sli deluxe mobo
amd opteron denmark 64 (175) dual core
2 gigs of corsair 400 3200 ram
evga 7900gt0 512 megs of ram
sound blaster audigy2 zs platinum
new floppy/removable discs
new dvd player
2 250 gig seagate sata hds
old 40 gig hd ide
SS Zeus 650 watt PSU

Just put it together so the OSs are not installed yet.
Fedora Core

2 Linux distros on one machine?

What does Fedora Core have that Ubuntu does not?

Anyway, really sweet setup. I envy you sir.

i’m interested on the two linuxes too, i’ve never heard of dualbooting like that :slight_smile:

looks like nice machine. nice touch is also to still have a floppy drive on that thing. heh heh…


On my old box I triple booted. FC4, Ubuntu and W98 but I’m dropping windows all together now.
I like Ubuntu because it is standards complient and FC because I’ve been using RH since 5.3. It is different.