New computer! huzzah?

I just bought a new coputer, my old one is rotting in hell rite now among the other copmuters from the damned. anyway… this new computer is 64bit, Windows Vista-not so bad as everyone says. its been on for 2 hours now, i took 1 1/2 of setup time so I wanna download blender already, but theres no 64 bit for windows… does anyone know where I could get 1?

P.S> I also need a 64-bit version of The GIMP

Anyone have tips??

Anyone have tips??[/quote]
There is no Blender 64 bit support for Windows, but perhaps one of mpan’s will do:

I dont know, looks the same as blender 32 bit, which so far has worked fine on my new computer(note be added I installed blender 15 minutes ago)

I think I’ll settle for the 32 bit for now…

Maybe I’ll try it later

Yes, but if you’d like a very fast build, then that’s your thing (multi-threaded fluid-sim as well!). Plus, since it is a new computer (and it has Vista), I was assuming that it has a lot of RAM, thus the LAA.

Your Lucky!