New Computer... Slower performance? What gives?

OK, this is mind bogling…
I just got a new computer.
Pentium D (Dual core) 3.2Ghz with 2Gb ram and a 256MB NVidia 6800 Graphics card. But when I get to render anything, it goes slow as molases.

The thing the really tweaks my mind here, is that while Bleder is rendering… My CPU and Memory utilization are negligable. The computer is basically idling, and all this new horse power doesn’t seem to be doing mew a damn bit of good. Please! Hep me :o

Have you tried anything else but rendering? Like playing games.

I’m not much into games, but I think I’m following you here. I also fiddle with video editing, but haven’t had a chance to yet on this computer. Everything else I have done on the new box here is acting as I suspected it would. Hauling @$$. hehe. From what I have seen to date, it’s only Blender.

Have you tried to enable Threads button in Scene\Output?

Never even noticed the ‘Thread’ button before:

Thread on: render time: 2:47:45
Thread off render time: 5:28:88

Also noticed that with the Thread button enabled, it actually took up 100% of my CPU. (As I think it should!)

In more laymens terms, what is the thread button all about? It definately made a difference, but I still consider the render time to be too slow for a 3.2Ghz (dual core) workstration. Does ‘Threads’ make a difference if i use a different rendering engine, like YAFRAY for instance?

Your concpt of “slow” and my concept of “slow” can be completely different.

Can you post a BLEND file that is taking you a long time?

I can render it and post by reults here. As in time it takes to render on my system.

While I’m FAR from an expert on the topic I think that Blender somehow splits the rendering process over both CPUs (since you were runninga Dual machine), and therefore it’s much faster, pretty much 2x faster even.

You could try out Intel build to speed things up …
Check out

Answered my own question on YAFRAY… Threads has no effect on render time. But under the YAFRAY settings there is a ‘Processor’ slider. It makes a Heluva difference! i can render faster in YAFRAY than I can with the regular Blender engine. Somehow that seems sacriligious…


I’m going to try this Intel Build puppy. (If I can figure out how to compile it…)

Thanks for all your help guys! (and gals if thats applicable)

Gals don’t know how to Blend. :smiley:

I tried the intel version and it looks good, but when I render a project, it crashes. I don’t see the slider either.

Gals don’t know how to Blend.

You’re asking for trouble there mate!!

HEHE :smiley:

Anywho… The blender engine did improve for me using the Intel build, but only marginally. (On a larger project I think it would be benificial) But right now, YAFRAY is working far better the the default Blendor engine… So bugger on Blender engine. Is there any other rendering engines out there?

Well, let’s see what you’re rendering. A lot of people seem to have unrealistic views of what is “too slow”.