New Computer, What are your thoughts on this?

Well i am going to be buying a new computer with a part of my next two paychecks. Assuming when i am ready to order, this computer is still the same price, it will most likely be this (judging by the others i have seen). What are your thoughts on it? I wanted a Decent Gfx card, to handle smooth display of modelling, i wanted a decent Processor for rendering ( which is what is used correct? ) and decent ram.*

Any thoughts?

unless you really REALLY need laptop portability, you’re about a million times better off building your own desktop machine.

if not, it looks pretty good to me. not many things you couldnt do with that setup.

How much level 1 cache it has?

I know this is a well-kept secret, but I’ll tell you anyway:

ATI cards have problems with Blender.

Even when Blender runs, I often see annoying artifacts in the interface (not on my PC -> nVidia only).

For that money, I would get a Dell Inspiron 9300 with Geforce 6800 and 17" widescreen display.

For that money, I would build my own computer that is better than any prebuilt computers. Let me let you in to another well kept secret:
prebuilt computers suck.

Well, but building your own Notebook computer? The original link shows a notebook.

A friend of mine has a earlier version of that laptop. It sucks. It overheats and shuts down for no reason. It locks up all the time. It can’t play games because of video card issues. He also doesn’t take care of it very well, but that’s secondary to poor hardware.

To sum up, don’t get that machine. But I’m sure that you’ll get that response from any laptop manufacturer.

This model is close to the one I have, and it isn’t as bad as munkey makes it out to be. Mine does occasionally have problems with overheating, but I’ve come to realize that a simple cleaning of the fans helps a great deal in that.

The main reason mine has that problem anyway is because mine is a customized model that the design wasn’t exactly built for. I would say that it has definately been worth the laptop route even though I didn’t have a specific need for a laptop that I couldn’t live without. I use the mobility for everything except my lecture classes, and that is mainly because I opted for the 17" screen which has been completely perfect with Blender. My point is that mobility comes in useful in many places where it wouldn’t be expected. I may be more biased for this because the psych lab I work in requires me to work from home (or wherever I need to be), and I am also required to regularly bring in my work. Being able to use my own computer for this has proven valuable in ways that I wouldn’t have guessed.

Even through all this though, I would suggest a desktop unless you are completely positive you want a laptop. I obviously love mine, but the price difference is insane between the two, and for what this laptop cost I still sometimes wish I had the enormous amount of power that would have been available through a custom built desktop.

I’ve also been running into a pretty significant problem lately because Nvidia doesn’t support drivers for the mobile video cards. HP hasn’t released an updated driver since I got this computer in january of 04. I’m now running on a modified forceware (I’m pretty sure that’s right) driver because the latest games (F.E.A.R. and Age of Empires III demos) I have played have required a version of directx 9.0c that isn’t compatible with my GeForceFX go5600.

Hope this helps,