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I’m sorry but I didn’t know where else to post this.
I am an aspiring 3D artist and have been using blender for about a year, before that I used an old copy of Maya a friend of mine had. Currently I am unable to further my skills in blender and my laptop is pretty much… crap.

And so my grandmother has decided to pay for a new computer for me, I have ‘customised’ this system on the dell website with what I believe to be neccessary. Could you please look of the specifications of the system and tell me what you think may be irrelelevant or may need to be boosted up.

One Intel® Xeon® Processor E5506(2.13GHz,4MB L3,4.8GT/s,80W,QC)Memory runs at 800MHz

English Genuine Windows® 7 Professional (64Bit OS) Recovery DVD included

Microsoft® Office Starter 2010 ( Excel Starter 2010, Word Starter 2010)

English Trend Micro™ Internet Security(15 month subscription) Antivirus Software

Standard Base Mini-Tower (Vertical orientation)(Westmere)

20in 2009W UK/Irish Black WIDESCREEN (1680X1050) TCO99 DVI-D Height Adjustable

UK/Irish (QWERTY) Dell Standard Quietkey USB Keyboard Black

Dell Optical (Not Wireless), Scroll USB (3 buttons scroll) Black Mouse

250GB (7,200 rpm) SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive with NCQ and 8MB DataBurst Cache

12GB DDR3 1333MHz ECC-RDIMM (6x2GB) Requires 64 Bit OS

16X DVD-ROM Drive and 16X DVD+/-RW Drive with Roxio and PowerDVD Software

256 MB NVIDIA Quadro NVS 295 - 2 DP (2 DP-DVI adapters)

DrivePerc6i Controller Card Not IncludedCreative SoundBlaster™ X-fi Titanium Sound card

C1 All SATA Hard Drives,

NON-RAID for 1 Hard Drive

Dell Backup and Recovery Manager for Windows® 7
Im sorry for all the unnecessary information in there as i know only a few aspects are relevent.

The system currently costs £2,010.33, I do however have a budget of £3,500 which is way above the current price, however I do belive it to be rather rude towards my gran by superising the system for no necessary reason.


spoiled brat.

Okay so this was relevent…

My take is that the power of your PC will depend on what you want to do with Blender. To be frank, the setup you described would probably be perfectly acceptable for most users. If you want to create models for games, that PC is perfectly adequate in every respect. I can’t speak with any authority if the PC is good enough for things like making full-screen hi-def animated movies, but… I would imagine so :eek:

Id get AMD 6 core 3.2ghz . You shoule go to a fourm where they have the processor you want , and ask about the build they have and how they preform. Hey did you know I was your long lost brother , Mom and dad never told you about me?