New Contest Proposition

(theeth) #1

Since everybody seems to be doing a mechanical spider/scorpion of some sort, I thought it would probably be a good idea to start a contest.

The goal and rules are very temporary, I only worte them to give a small idea of what the contest could be about.

GOAL: Create a mechanical insect/spider/animal in Blender.


  1. You can render in an external renderer, but Blender must be involved in the modelling process.

  2. Your creation must be animatable (that would be for some surpirse after the contest)

  3. You can submit an animation, but entries will be judge on a single still image.

  4. etc, other technicalities missing, like final image width, deadline and stuff like that.

So, what do you think?


(rixtr66) #2

good idea,i have problems with armatures and stuff though,s’pose its a good reason to start learning the animation tools.
i would participate,the external renderer idea is good,but isnt it more challenging(it is for me)to use blenders renderer,especially for metals and glass.but then again…hmmm,good idea :smiley:

(hannibar) #3

Very good idea. I’m in!
I like he idea of rendering in anothere renderer. There have been contests enough where you are supposed to only use the native reneder, so it would be cool to see some other stuff.

(CurtisS) #4

Sounds like alot of fun. I’m in! (Cracking my Blender knuckles…)

(S68) #5

/me is in :stuck_out_tongue:


(theeth) #6

Stefano: Do you think you could host the contest page on your server or should we do it straight in the Contest forum (à la Week End challenge)?


(ectizen) #7

I’m game, depending on the final deadline :slight_smile:

By “insect/spider”, am I to presume you mean “insect/arachnid”? Or maybe simply “arthropod”? Scorpions are neither insects nor spiders </smartass> </pedant> </whateverelseyouwerethinking> :smiley:

Have you considered how entries targetted at specific renderers are going to impact on the post-contest surprise?

Hmm… This should be interesting. I haven’t done any myriapods yet…

(theeth) #8

from living import *id, *pod

everything ok now?

Have you considered how entries targetted at specific renderers are going to impact on the post-contest surprise?

yes. It should be a bit like the first SMC where entries from other programs were accepted.


(slikdigit) #9

Could you still use the model created for this challenge? reason being, I’m working on an animation that will involve a large robot based on a spider, but need to retain control over my model for obvious reasons. the contest image itself ofcourse would be for the contest runners and myself jointly (ie. I can use it on my website, as can the contest, but it must be credited to me)
If this is the case, I wouldn’t mind joining in. (felicitous serendipity)

(theeth) #10

yes, of course, all the entries will stay credited to their creators. I had an idea for which we would need the models of the winners (voting in multiple categories) in a special project, but you could still refuse to participate in that. I won’t tell what my idea is though, surprise :stuck_out_tongue:


(slikdigit) #11

Aaah. sounds cool. Gotta finish texturing and rigging one of the other props quickly so I can get to this. Kinda good, since I’ve been dawdling and need something to speed me up.
I guess that’s a yes vote from me. deadlines, req.s?

(theeth) #12

I don’t know for the deadline… Does one month feels ok? Or is it too long/short? The model needs to be animatable (Armatures), so it could take some time if the model is complex… :-?

What do you guys think?


(BgDM) #13

i’m in too!

1 month sounds pretty good to me, especially if you have to rig it. Some rigs could get pretty complex, as you said and will require the time.


(slikdigit) #14

one month sounds good. not too short. can never be too long.

(harkyman) #15

I’m in. What about multiple entries? My Chrome Widow is almost done, but I’d like to tackle something more ambitious. A month sounds good.

My motto: all models should be animatable.

(theeth) #16

ok, great. I’ll start a temporary thread in the Contest forum, to state the rules and such.


(S68) #17


I can host images, anyway, but I’m a bit low on space, so I may have to put offline the old OI contest page :frowning:

I think 1 month is way too short :slight_smile: