new cool way to model!

hello, I just found this cool plugin for 3DS MAX called 3ptools (you can check it out here) and it looks a lot like Bsurfaces but a lot easier to work with, just thought of sharing it with you guys. However, it would be cool if we had that in blender, don’t you think?

we need this feature!!! now!!!

@ endi: please don’t, people hate you for this kind of comments.

@ echabcharek: This looks as bsurfaces lite :wink: It could be useful, but all of its features are actually subset of what bsurfaces can do. It only takes a little practice.

Already posted, and BSurface is far way superior imho.

I actually like this more the bsurfaces. :slight_smile:
No Grease penicl.

If this is for retopo use, don’t forget the new tool of zbrush4r4. Similar to bsurfaces but once again, more organized and useful.

this tool is diferent from bsurface is more like sketching in the space really usefull and more faster