New Course Blender 2.8x Photo Realistic Vehicle Scenes Using BlenderKit

I have been 3D Designing and video editing for over seven years, my studio is called Technic Animation Studios. I have enjoyed designing in Blender. When Blender 2.8 came out, it was my favorite update. I hope you enjoy my course, as well as others that I make in the future.

Blender 2.8x Photo Realistic Vehicle Scenes Using BlenderKit
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I have created this course for any level of blender users.

Bio of course:

In this course you will learn where to get Blender 2.8 And where to get Blender kit.

You can will learn how to create the exact image on my course cover.

I will also show you other great add-ons for blender 2.8.

The course will help you navigate through blender 2.8

BlenderKit is a great resource for special effects artists, especially when you hate rigging like me.

  • Create Photo Realistic Images In Blender 2.8x
  • How To Use BlenderKit In 2.8x
  • Learn To Use Add-ons That Will Lighten Up Your Scene
  • How To Make Realistic Skies
  • How To Use SketchFab.
  • Price $19.99

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