New Cpu (Not for rendering!!)

Heei! :slight_smile:

I have used Blender for 1½ year - or something like that - and have decided I cannot live with my old cpu anymore… I’m for a good Cpu + Ram and Motherboard to upgrade my way too old desktop. For rendering - it is great (GTX 580), but with a Core 2 Quad 2.6 Ghz Cpu working inside Blender is a nightmare!

Sooo… My question is: Which Cpu should I buy?
I am not planning on using it for rendering or gaming - Maybe for After Effects and Photoshop, but mainly Blender…

The CPU budget: $250-400


Hi, I am fine with my i5 3570K for all day work and Blender.
Sometimes I miss multithreading from i7 but it is not much useful if you don´t render on CPU.
If you go for latest “Haswell” you may need DDR4 Ram and board are also expensive.
You may look for a “Ivy Bridge” i7 3770 if you don´t need a integrated GPU else a i7 3770K.
They are around 300€.
I bought a bundle of Motherboard, CPU and Ram and it was much cheaper as parts alone.

Cheers, mib

I’m running on i7 2600K. Had a choice between this and the i7 3xxx series, decided on the former due to much better OC frequencies.

From my experience it’s good to get a processor you can overclock to 4.5 GHz or such - Blender does a lot of things in a single thread, and you get quite a lot of performance from higher CPU frequencies. You should be able to grab one of these used, and can push it’s frequencies not worrying you’ll fry a new expensive processor.


I were quite sure myself that a i7-4770k was the right one for Blender, but now I know better… :slight_smile:
Soooo… A i7 3xxx with plenty of GHz would be great for blender. :smiley:

Nah, 3x series were poor in OC. Same architecture as 2x series, but different manufacturing process. Also, Intel used a bad quality thermal transfer material between the processor and it’s cap. Personally I wouldn’t go with these.
Either 2x series with plenty of cooling, or 4x series. But that’s just, like, uh, my opinion :slight_smile:

Ohh… Of cause, that was what you wrote - Sorry. I think I will go with a good 4x series then and only overclock it if necessary - Or when it gets necessary. :slight_smile: I just think the 2x series are too old and then I will have to upgrade within few years again… :confused: