New Cycles Network Rendering Prototype

For the great work the Devs do:!VxoFjJqI!kg2WX-rAE…496TNCQqRUkJAU

While the GPL allows for this, it still makes me feels kinda uncomfortable to take work of others and ask for donations.

That’s fair to say I think, The donations are for my time creating the builds (having to fix code that as are .diffs alot of the time need fixing to work with other experimental features), not for the work included (yet the updated Micro jitter is code I wrote 6-7 weeks back and has been in my test builds for a long while). Like i say it peoples choice, Im not taking credit for others work.

Edit: Also as stated above about ignoring the adaptive sample contrast checkbox and object ID is from the fact im working on some other adaptive sample systems for Blender, If they get to a working state for real use ill more than happily pass the .diff over on the dev page.

Done a quick test with the build:

Works well for a proof on concept by Lukas, Even the Adaptive sample seems to work correctly through the Cycles_server. Now to hook up all the machines i have and see what happens.

Just to be clear on the matter, Adaptive Sampling is just for CPU? Not for GPU rendering for the time being?


Correct, Also ignore the adaptive contrast and object id check box’s, and the min and max samples under adaptive sample panel. There from another branch which ive ported the adaptive sampling from PBRT, As working on a different adaptive system i wanted to have a base line working system (pbrt’s version which isnt great and was as far as i understand just an experimental test anyway). Im trying to use alot of the buffers already created for Lukas denoise system, But im using separate RGBA channel checks not just color, normal, depth, diffuse etc you get with most adaptive system’s (done some test with cycles and weirdly noise seems to appear most in one channel of rgba in different situations, maybe slower but adaptive tests seperately over channels seems the way forward for a robust system).

Milans version in this build is CPU only and very basic RGB compare system, but as he showed still works OK and could be changed to work with GPU, Get the feeling though devs are looking for more robust solutions. If i cant get my version working correctly consistently then ill probably just send to brecht or Lukas etc etc and see if they can finish.

Seems to work pretty good :wink:

Using Theorys build though

Very cool, Ive never seen so many thread tiles on one screen before lol. Ill try to get another build with some of my adaptive sample stuff done tonight but im knackered, and starting to question why i should even bother. If i still have a home to live in after the 9th this month maybe ill do a build with my full adaptive system (not nearly finished yet) but at this point going on what other feature coders are doing maybe i should just try to sell it hahaha.

640 Threads :open_mouth:

Awesome,nothing compared to this patch Lukas has started work on. Even in early form you and me have similar results from it (i was about to post a video of all my machines and laptops together at 18 threads hahaha).

Me and a friend are already trying to work on a wifi patch for this too, so we can share resources to render, But one thing i need to ask Lukas for is a default directory that scene’s can manually be put in from usb key etc so transfer of data isnt necessary if the directory structure of scene is already detected. then on a home network it’s far easier to plug a usb key in each machine and copy over with gigabyte scene’s.

While you seem to do a good service with your builds, I could see some discomfort come up since you have chosen in a previous post to not share your code changes with the core team. Then there’s the total rebrand of Blender under a personal company name (which could give the impression of taking the credit).

On the last post, there’s plenty of room for both features (it’s not taking time away from this one for one thing). Another thing is that I wouldn’t bash a feature someone else is working on just because one personally might not use it much, as we all want the Cycles userbase to grow (which inevitably leads to more developers and even more features and optimizations).

Amazing, I was looking for something like this for a while, hope it gets officially supported.

Hey, Not sure what code your talking about, iv’e never said i wouldn’t share code with the devs? And the appearance of my blender branch’s are because there the ones i use at home, show clients work on etc, so adding some customization was beneficial.

Big part of the reason for leaving the splash changes etc was to be able to quickly tell other blender builds from my own, at one point had about 16 versions of compiled blender on my machine all with the same splash but with very different features. Accidentally load and save files in the wrong build and you have a real pain in the ass problem.

@Lordodin, Was this done with AWS? or do you just have access to a kick ass network at home or work lol.

10 m4.16xlarge machines on spot. The blender machine was also a m4.16xlarge so I could have a 20 gbit connection to the render servers. So total was about 9 dollars an hour to run this

Sweet, Used AWS quite a bit in the past for UE4 lightmass level builds. Such a handy platform AWS.

You should do a video tutorial for others wanting to test this out of how to setup AWS and the custom build for rendering, Im Sure that would be very helpful to people on here.

Wheres the build?

Agree. Thanks; I’m interested in it, too.

If you want it ill send you a link by message on here, But as I explained at the top of the post originally I have been threatened to be evicted if my rent wasn’t on time this month (9th, Today), and i was £400 short as not going into specifics but bad health and work issues so i asked if you liked the builds i do for the community then maybe think about a donation that was linked on the experimental builds splash screen.

I also linked to an ebay sale of my Fire Pro W9100 16GB GDDR5 that I put on a fire sale until yesterday for about £400 less than it’s worth, I then had a lady who was interested contact me saying she was going to buy it but after reading some quotes on here questioning my honesty (people saying basically i was a thief for asking for donations for my builds) that she didn’t feel comfortable that the card was as advertised and pulled out. I tried to explain it’s not like i could make a card out of cake and expect ebay not to kick my ass for selling it, she would be protected. But the comments on here by a few had already done the damage.

So no card sale, 0 donnation’s, and received a intention to end my tenancy order just after 12 this morning. I have no credit cards to use, No one to help me out or stay with, so im probably going to be homeless.

So as far as im concerned people on here can go spit, Why should I work on updated features like adaptive sampling and CPU/GPU opencl combined rendering with separate CPU/GPU tile size patch as having a hard coded set tile size for all devices is what stops gpu and cpu being able to work together faster (CPU needs small tiles, GPU needs large tiles, If you try to use both with one set tile size it’s always slower than just GPU rendering alone) when that’s how I get treated.

So that build is the last ill be doing for Blender from now on, Im going back to Dev for UE4 instead. Most people on here dont even know their born, nasty assholes.

But Odin your a cool dude, Spoken with you before and your a good lad. So mail me and ill send you the build, Ive also updated to include some of the Mikt space patch’s that give a good 20-40% speed up. But all my builds will be closed from now except for people I have respect for. Im still gonna finish my Adaptive build and the Separate CPU and GPU tile size patch, Ill even do videos showing it working. But im not giving them away anymore.

This made a f’ing Livid.

Lukas works directly for us at theory so I already have all these features… I even requested he work on tangent space optimizations and network rendering personally… I was asking for the build because everyone wants it now they have seen my video :cool: I cant handout our theory build… yet