New Default Theme in 2.8

yeah it was only to show the difference not that it shoudl be that way around…
the contrast on your screenshot looks better, what theme is this? i did the screenshot after reverting to factory defaults.

It’s the default theme, I just increased the Header brightness slightly.

and this is going into the release or you just changed it for fun on your system?:smiley:

just for fun :tada:

Hi, it seams they are working on it. :wink:

Cheers, mib

The Hell? I just explained the concept they went for and therefore why they probably wouldn’t go for darker headers. I then suggested that they could eventually go for even lighter headers instead to increase the contrast - just like you did before. I really don’t get why you would be triggered by that…

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Did you make this mockup above from a graphic editor (photoshop, gimp, etc)?
You can customize the colors of the themes from Edit > User Preferences > Themes. This is just what Stuntkoala did to show us what his proposal would look like.

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no i just put the screenshots next to each other.

i never asked to get a explanation of the concept, i only wanted to share my view about contrasts and dark ui’s.

its nice of you to explain the concept but it does not address the point im making, nor does changing contrast change anything about the concept.
my post was to show the difference in visibility of regions with different contrasts, if you make one or the other brighter or darker is totally unimportant in a mockup to show the point and does not change any thing about the concept.

you stated in your reply with the screenshot that the CURRENT contrast is good but as you later explained after i asked you, its on YOUR system so there is no value in your change for anybody else let alone the default theme of blender.

i regret posting any constructive comment here since i clearly spend more time now explaining some obvious reaction than discussing the actual topic about the contrast…

Yup. And I shared mine :hugs: let’s bury the hatchet.

i thought it was all about discussing what needs to be done for 2.8 to make it better so i did not follow your thought there^^ yeah lets burry those things and see that we put our energy into making 2.8 even better:crazy_face:

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Sorry to dig this up, but is there any more work continuing on this?

I just opened 2.8 again to check something and realised it’s still a pain to actually read anything, feels like I’m squinting all the damn time.
5 minutes of googling later and… it didn’t take long to realise the general opinion is white text on dark background is just plain harder to read - so what gives?

Can’t confirm this. I really like the new theme and can read texts easily and the general opinion seems to be that dark themes are more popular for creative Software atm. If you don’t like it, you can still change it to one of the many included Themes like Flatty Light.

I think the devs are also experimenting with a “first time startup screen” that let’s you choose some Options like Right / Left click select or Light / Dark Theme.

It doesn’t need your confirmation, it isn’t about what “people like”, it doesn’t matter what other software is doing, there is evidence that it’s wrong and stupid. It literally takes no time at all to pull up research stating legibility improves for dark text on light background for a large portion of people.

Other commercial software follows the equivalent of fashion trends because it has to sell, it has to look sexy. It’s ridiculous.

I’m likely to use the 27x theme, however that is also darker than it used to be (the headers most notably are darker than before, darkening the overall screen, making things just that little bit harder to read, and making header titles really hard to read).
And guess which fancy new icon set we’re getting very soon that I honestly doubt is going to work well with other theme colours.

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I know that dark text on light background is scientifically better readable. Most people still find Dark Themes to be visually more appealing. Looking “sexy” is not a bad thing for Software. However for Blender, there is really no point in arguing about this because you can change it so easily by yourself. Afaik they are planning to make the icon color also themable.

btw - there are other factors than being easily readable that make a Theme more easy on the eyes. I for example use Dark Themes everywhere - not because I can read the text easier, but because I don’t like to be dazzled by my screen.


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This is my main reason why I always try to go with darker themes whenever possible. Readability is important but so are my poor over-worked eyeballs…

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Blender’s old theme was not bright

Which, I’ll add, that poll doesn’t cover.
Also, turn a light on - that’s most people’s problem.

I just discovered this theme for 2.8, it looks amazing imo.

That should be blender’s default. :v:

I don’t use dark themes because I work in a bright environment.

I also think the new theme lacks a bit of contrast. If you enable a theme like Graph, for example, there is much more contrast.

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