New Demo Reel

I made this in three days, two of which were not spent working, so it’s VERY rough around the edges. That said blender was a life saver. Had a great interview today at a big post place in Manhattan, he was amazed blender is free…

oh, and not that I don’t love you guys, but don’t call me unless you are hiring.



The video is pretty good, indeed a bit rough around some edges, but concidering it was done in three minus days, quite impressive.

I must say not all content are top of the pops, but some pits and peaces are pretty impressive. Like the water simulation wich was very well done, and the very first logo, very tight. But sometimes there was a lack of detail or a lack of time put into it. I’d say, don’t use this video as your demo-reel, spend some more time with it and make it really sweat. Than you might concider placing it on the big web.


thanks rog, you are astute, I mean it’s almost embarassing I’m using some of this stuff but I don’t have access to a lot of the work I did at my old job until they send me the dvds. Half this stuff was for fun I did after work and projects done just for learning blender nobody was meant to see:o. yuck. seeing some of the other graphics reels on youtube is humbling and inspiring.