New Demo Reel!

Hi, just finished updating my demoreel, added new stuff, and changed the whole thing up and down, hope you enjoy it!


Visually stunning.
One of the best I have seen.

5 stars

Lovely, I had tonnes of ideas of my own by just looking at it. I hope I will do one myself one day.

/ Mats

Awesome work, definitely worth watching.
5 starred.

Thanks for the nice posts! I’m hoping it will help me get a better job or more freelance work :slight_smile:

aww… i cant see. can you post a downloadable version somehow?

Love the fluid sims, though I think it would be cool if the strawberry was spinning.
Just a minor suggestion though, in general awesome:D:D

I watched the demo reel and I find the stuff you did great. Since you want to use this for job hunting some suggestions.

  • Change the order of things: You have some stunning work in there and some less stunning work. (soely measured on the stuff you did. I’m not even close to most of that stuff :slight_smile: ) Especially the collaberative work is stunning. Move the best pieces up front and add the other stuff to the end. Most job hunters and human resource people only watch the beginning if it doesn’t interest them they throw it out so use the first seconds to present your best work and keep the audience tuned in.
  • Make clear what you are applying for. I couldn’t quite see what your specialty is but I’m guessing modelling. If you are a generalist do say so.
  • Order your work according to the different stuff. Like modelling, animation, etc… If you have stuff that belongs together put it together. There was the model of the mosquito and later there was a scene where you could see a mosquito flying through the room. If it is the same mosquito put em together to make that clear.
  • With the collaborative work, state what you did and what was done by others. I couldn’t quite make the distinction.
  • You might consider shortening the demo reel although this isn’t nessecary. If you are planning on distributing as a dvd. Shorten it to use it as the introduction and setup a menu for choosing the rest seperatly. But make sure that your demoreel starts right when you put in the dvd. This way you can also add additional information to the pieces without having to have that in the reel.
  • Put at least your email address upfront too. Best is to put up the whole contactinformation.
  • For modelling consider presenting wireframes too since people will be interested how well you did your meshes.

Good point musk.

I have no idea either what job you would go for.
I think that you should make three smaller reels. One for architectural reel, one for modeling and one with the collaborative work.

Were I live there are no modellers or riggers or TDs, you need to be able to “animate” as in doing everything from scratch; the studios here are small, I’m actually looking for a job right now in a place were I would be the only animator and I currently work at another place were I am the only animator.

I’m of course taking note of your comments for future reels :slight_smile:

thanks all

Firstly-great work-well done!
Secondly-What Musk said; My limited experience of these things tells me that you’d do well to take on all his points.
Thirdly- I’d love to hear in a short while how you’ve got on!-Good luck!

nice reel, nice to see work from somebody who makes also his money with blender. :slight_smile:

very PRO i really like it.

Downloading now - I’ll be back after it finishes :slight_smile:

edit: Well, congrats on a very professional portfolio - i agree with some of the comments about ordering the parts, but I love all of it. What renderer did you use for the bulk of it? Very nice work, and I love the materials and textures, and the camera views are great!!

itsCoool and pro i like it too:):(:):(:):(:):(:slight_smile: 5STR

Looks great!

The absolute best source that I’ve ever seen on how to create resumes and demoreels is the SIGGRAPH 2007 presentation “Resumes and Demo Reels: If Yours Don’t Work, Neither Do You!”. It’s almost 2 hours in length and packed with a ton of very useful inside information that is hard to find. It costs $20 but I would say that if it cost $50 it would still be a great deal. At the link, search for “resume”.


EDIT: A more better use of your money might be to become a member of ACM. I think it costs like $35 for one year but, you get full access to all of the SIGGRAPH videos, presentations, and other materials going back as far as 2003!! That, of course, would include the demoreel video. Just a thought.

Wow, very cool stuff. I got a lot of ideas and inspiration from watching that. I’m still a noob hobbyist, but in the future I hope to get together a good enough portfolio to make a demo reel and land a 3d related job.

Very impressive - only minor crits I have have already been said.