new depsgraph in 2.78c?

Hi there, not sure wether I’m at the right place for this:
Is blender 2.78c already using the new depsgraph by default, or does it have to be activated somehow?
I’m asking since I always have some issues while animating, like drivers not being undone immediately with right-click-canceling or Undo (only after moving back or forth in time) or not being able to animate the grease pencil fill via drivers…

I’ve been watching this 2.75 vid where G.Hofmann explains how to activate depsgraph.

Well, I tried this with 2.78c but the terminal (on a mac) gives me a “command not found” for --enable-new-depsgraph.
So I was wondering wether it is already in use in the newer versions and me having another problem because of the things not working properly described above…

Thanks for any help

Ps: working on Mac and PC with the same issues, so I figure it’s not a platform thing…

If you are on Mac you need to follow this wiki blender
i think with cmake you can activate some stuff you want to compile.

Hope that help you.

Happy coding !

Thanks, I’ll try that.

Oops, I was reading quickly your post, I was thinking you want to compile, sorry…

Ok simple, go search your folder blender and click right on folder, go services then click “new terminal at folder” and now type your blender with depsgraph stuff

It works ?

Short answer: no, if you have problem with new depsgraph ask hakerman in irc #freenode blendercoders in there everyday Amsterdam daytime.

Ok, thanks