New design part 3

I know that I will be punished for this but I’ve had to comment this:

OK, enough complaining and I think everyone has had their say.

Enough. Get used to it. The old Elysiun theme is not coming back. This theme is here to stay. Some changes will likely be made based on suggestions that were made in this thread.


Man, what a rude response and attitude abowe. Here’s what I have read in that lines: “It’ll be like we want and there’s nothing that you can say or you can do to change that. So get used to it or f…k off”

Nice, thanks a lot…

hahaha i posted before it’s locked…

and i agree with what he said (BgDM) i like the new design better than the old one except for the few things people already mentioned like 300 times.


Frankly, I don’t blame BgDM. Little more was to be gained from the thread at this point. Sure, some people didn’t have a say and that is truly a shame but the thread had become repetitive and contained a lot of useless, bandwagon “I hate it” comments. Plus, I had my say and at the end of the day, that’s all that really matters :slight_smile: (Super Wu-Man not withstanding)

What is easy to forget (and I’m just as guilty of this) is that Timothy has been running this site for years - as elysiun and blenderartists - and somehow we’ve all grown to love it. Obviously he knows how to do something right so while I think critiques are useful, insults are not warranted.

As for the colour scheme, I personally don’t want elysiun back. Not that I didn’t like it, I just don’t think it’s the holy grail some people believe it to be. It was just a forum that wasn’t white. But really, the orange links on mid-grey background tested the eyes late at night just as much as new bright white will. Colour schemes are largely personal and most monitors can be dimmed pretty easily.

As far as colour choice goes, I have a theory that there will always be roughly 60% opposition to any proposal or decision (this applies to all sorts of decisions, right through to governments) - but that 60% don’t usually agree on the solution. Frankly, I was happy with the default forum except for the lack of a Blender identity - it’s not like we have to wear it out to dinner or something - we just post stuff here! If it was tartan with green stripes but usable and informative, it would still be great. Some people are too precious about the unimportant stuff.

All we really need is readability and functionality and my main concern with the announcement thread is that serious concerns like post-counts, scroll bars, delineation and other usability and functionality issues were lost in a sea of “I’m going blind!” posts.

As Alltaken said in the last closed thread, let’s sit now and see what happens. Hopefully Timothy will return shortly and consider the issues raised and deal with them as a priority but, at the end of the day, we’re not compelled to be here.

I also don’t believe in holy grails, I agree with you AndyD completely. I believe in functionality and IMO this new outfit has seriously degraded functionality of this board. But my comment in this thread was not about this theme, I have stated what I think about it in that closed thread. My comment was about attitude. That whas not nececary and the simpliest way to avoid those “I hate it” and “I’m going blind” comments is a freedom of choice. But as you said, in the end we realy aren’t compelled to be here.

Maybe we should drop it untill an oficcial allowed thread is posted :\

Personally I think that Tim has done an excellent job. Thanks for always trying to provide this sort of support for the blender artist Tim. The only crit I would have though not important would be to center it, but that is as I said nothing. Great work and Thank you!

well done, 1 week ban for the person making the 4th part before waiting for any functionality fixes by timothy…

Yes we know the functionality is not what it used to be, and yes the site has a nice new style (i like the overall design intentions, but the fixes needed to be made a fairly minor, and can be done)

So just wait and stop till timothy has had a chance to read whats already written, nobody has actually added anything new to the discussion since about page 2 of the first discussion.

we don’t need any more.