New design
tell me what u you think (site design done by hanzo), c&cs are welcome.

The site looks great! I like the dark blue stripes design! :smiley:
But I would just use one navigaiton bar (on the left)

Yep, looks much better than first, but you need to change things. Some of the text are hard to read, like dark blue download text. The news pictures are a little bit too big, and the text on the buttons in the navigation are also hard to read, because of antialiasing, just turn antialiasing off, and use some web fonts like verdana or something else, but the rest looks fine to me. I visited the site with resolution 1280x1024 and some things are hard to read because of the resolution of my pc. 8)

thanks for the input

Is your server slow? (or just outside of the U.S)

You need to preload the highlighted images for the navigation buttons

with so few links on the right they don’t have to be in different pages, they can be under each little button you have there…

Game Design

your gallery pages should probably be in your template too…

(which reminds me, I need to update my website template (and content) too)

good idea about the links.

BBS: founders
BBS: crew
BBS: join

           <i>B</i>rain <i>S</i>torm <i>S</i>tudios

??? :o :o :-? :-?

…(sniff)(sniff), i smell typo! :wink:

TUDBZD69 over and out! [>] [>] [>]

ya i told him about that in the irc, hanzo made the images (he also made the typos) so i say we blame…appolonius! always blame him! no matter what happens we blame him


i WILL sue him for that…