new desktop backgrounds from Mecompany

The mecompany agency has changed its wensite colors.
And a few desktop backgrounds have been added.
they’re wire 3d renders
really beautifull !
you’ll find them at :
in the upper left part of the main window :

Do you like them ?

upper RIGHT, sorry

Thats an interesting site, I like the design :smiley: .


it is interesting, i just wish i could se all of them at once :frowning:

What is the purpose of this site?


i believe it is to show the Mecompany works by distributing
those desktop background.

people of Mecompany worked for Bjork in the past, they made a videoclip for her and lost of cd covers.

i like the backgrounds, the ones I found anyways.
but again, the site is making me nuts… why design always have to go on top of usability?



Because usability can be criticized, while art can’t (unfortunately). That is why artists are artists… :wink:

Ah, so what artists do is remove usabilty altogether? :-? Cool backgrounds though :wink:

Interesting backgournds, atrocious website as far usability goes.

I wish web designers would just leave flash where it belongs, for making stupid web cartoons;not interfaces. %|

i cant find them

found them

They’re really nice I agree.

<rant>But why couldn’t they just have a thumbnail gallery, instead of an annoying pretentious flash interface, where you have to click on the stupid yellow dots one by one?</rant>