Clement is working on a new Depth of Field for eevee, the patches are in a separate branch:

Can someone build it and test it ?


So i followed a tutorial to build a branch and tested the DOF with a simple scene



‘Jitter camera’ make the DOF looks very good but it needs a lot of samples, the test are rendered at 128samples

Neighbor Rejection set to 0 ( without jitter camera )

Neighbor Rejection set to max (40) ( without jitter camera )

there’s also ’ Sprite threshold ’ which is a brightness threshold for for using sprite base DOF

Looks really promising !


Good stuff!

looks nice, i just wonder if there is a depthmap available, coudn’t that serve a kind of blur by radius ?.
ea within a radius check for pixel values depending their Z value blur/smear it out

more information from clement

This document gives a good overview of how this is done:


i’ve been looking forwards to this for a while! i submitted a macos build on graphicall:


Thank you for doing so. I just ran a test with it vs. Blender 2.91.2 and not only does the DoF look considerably more natural, but the render took about half as long with the Experimental new version.

I am impressed!!!


Ok, I am getting my mind blown here. What is going on? I am rendering on an M1 Mac Book Air using both this new Experimental build 2.93 and the official 2.91.2, both running under Rosetta since neither is compiled for ARM.

I wanted to test screen space reflection as well as render in at 4096x2160 resolution as opposed to HD.

Here are the screenshots, sorry that you can’t see the final render time on the Experimental version, but it was 36 seconds. Compare it to the render time in 2.91.2. The new version is almost 4X faster!!!

Could this be only because of Clement’s optimizations or is something else going on here? I am completely blown away by these results!!!



dithering the camera position is genius!


Current DoF in Eevee was really slow and heavy for the GPU. Here in the forum there were many open threads about very slow render times with Eevee and in many cases DoF was responsible.

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The new DoF is really good ! It makes a nice foreground transition and keep the silhouette way more than the old one ! Very nice improvment Clément !
I’m adding my stress test (model by Splatypi), it’s particulary visible on the hand and on the chest where there no more weird blurred color. Also the details on the hair are well preserved :


wow we will love this for interior renderings !

I am going to put you on my ban list now :wink:

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Was there a mention of when this was going into Master?

Not yet, but I’m hoping it will be added soon, hopefully before it reaches Bcon2 in mid March.

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It’s being reviewed for 2.93


This is fantastic. From my limited testing, it seems like the results look better than Unreal’s results, and the settings seem less fiddly. So excited to see this in regular builds soon.

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Just did this today with the new Clement depth of field. Render time was around 20 seconds per frame at 2K resolution. All done on a Mac!


Is that the jittered technique? Really clean!