New DRMI logo

I’ve made a 3D version of my logo in Blender to replace the old one:


hmmm sounds good but…

needs more cowbell!

With the exception of the face figure behind the text, it all looks much too “generic”. I don’t really recommend using 3D text for a logo in the way that you did.

Oh, well. At least use set smooth+auto smooth on the text, and the i in Inc. goes capitalized.

it all looks much too “generic”

Well, the text isn’t really part of the logo, the [email protected] thing is the main logo and the text is just there to identify it as mine.

needs more cowbell!

:confused:I’m not really sure what you mean…:smiley:

yeah i think the text would of done alot better had it been at the bottom of the shot and done in Gimp or Photoshop or whatever photo editing software you have and NOT PAINT!!!


I don’t even use paint!:smiley:
Anyway, thanks for the comments, I’ll try and do an updated version soon.

Do you ever watch Saterday Night Live? Find the episode with the blue oyster cult…

As I said… Needs more cowbell

ha, just caught that one.

Needs more cowbell

As I said:

:confused:I’m not really sure what you mean…:smiley:

Its a joke from saturday night live(US late night show), youd need to see the episode. Ill leave it up to spiffy andy to explain