New(?) Edge rendering technique

It’s not by me, but I decide post it for Non Photo Real Fans in the world! :smiley:

An anonymous user ‘977’ of below page(Verrrry long and maybe x-rated…I can’t show only the post, sorry) posted an edge rendering technique.

Basically, duplicate and fatten a mesh for edge and assign it a Material that is set ‘Transp’ and Depth = 0.

I wrote a tutorial in English.

  1. Go to RenderButtons([F10]) and Set ‘Ray’ button.

  2. Select your mesh and go to MaterialButtons([F7]), Set the buttons “Traceable” and “TraShadow” in the Shader panel.

  3. Duplicate([Shift]+[D]) your mesh and Enter the EditMode, then fat([Alt]+[S]) it bit. It’ll become “Edge” mesh.

  4. Add new material to the “Edge” mesh. if you’ll find a ‘2’ button at right side of the material name field in the Material panel, just push it, otherwise, push the icon at left side of the material name field and select “Add new” from the menu.

  5. Set the following buttons in the MaterialButtons.

Mirror Transp panel:
‘RayTransp’: ON
‘Depth(RayTransp)’: 0
‘SpecTra’: 1.0

Material panel:
‘Alpha’: 0
‘Shadeless’: ON

Shaders panel:
Traceable: ON

6)Render it! :wink:

Tip: You can gain the rendering speed to set the octree button(RenderButtons, Render panel) higher and delete unnecessary vertices of edge mesh.

Samplefile: 158KB

Sheesh, that’s clever! Is 977 Shige?


Thank you for quick reply. :o

I don’t know, but Perhaps it’s others because I don’t think he has an interest in such anime style rendering…(Sorry, Shige-san :wink: )

This is a pretty common method of edge rendering. It’s the way they do toon rendering in games (XIII for example). It misses a lot of internal edges though and doesn’t have a uniform line width (though there are ways round that with a programmable renderer).