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Hey everyone,

I am going to start coding / implementing the new in about 2 weeks. The next two weeks I hope to get a good idea on what should be available and how it should be implemented. For this I hope to get some of your suggestions.

The main idea for the new is to make it a website for the Community BY the Community. Some plans that [email protected] and Zycho had for Community 3.0 will also be incorporated into this website. The main ideas I have sofar are as followed:

Complete integration with the Forum
This means will make use of the current membership options as on the forum. Some extra personal info will be added and some personal info will be removed. Al interactive activities on elYsiun will make use of this membership system (posting messages, voting, chatting, etc).

Easy to use Content management system
Articles will be able to be written in a BBcode style manner. Images will be automaticly resized etc. Uploading these articles will much like posting a message in the forum, only with the added ability of file uploading, and a greater control over the outlook of the article, and the ability to post multiple pages.

Member moderation system
This is were it gets really interesting. EVERY member of will be able to submit articles (news, specials, tutorials, galleries, etc). A group of selected moderators (perhaps different moderators for each section) will have the ability to actually make these submitted articles public after they have approved their content.
Basicly what I hope to achieve with this is that the community will provide interesting articles itself, in a controlled manner (quality over quantity).

Your input
Basicly I want to ask you if you have any suggestions for this new website. Any features you must have? This is the time to tell me.

Thanks And Greetings,
Timothy Kanters

(LohnS) #2

This sounds very interesting, can’t wait to see it up and running =D

(blengine) #3

kib, sounds really amazing! good luck with all the coding! ::cant wait::

(VelikM) #4

Sound great, your ideas sound pretty comprehensive already, having a centeral source to dock tutorials sounds great.

(Pooba) #5

This sound really nice! Don’t forget, A GAME GALLERY!

Also, are you going to do what they were doing with the old community, that carma thing? Or is that already here with the forum newbie, forum regular, forum guru thing?


(S68) #6

Well current rank is post-based

Karma was thought to be other-users-votes based…


(Vidigiani) #7

Haha I’d love to see Macke’s karma if they implemented such a feature :P.

(Pooba) #8

LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

(S_W) #9

Sounds great! Can’t wait for the new possibilities! :wink:

(Wilco) #10

I’d like to see recourses and links to recourses. The blender-site started it allready, but it never really came from the ground. Just a big collection of objects, textures, bumpmaptextures, ect.

(Timothy) #11

Resources on the actual site itself will not be possible due to bandwith limitations. Links to resources however will be very possible, and I plan to write an extensive links section.

(joecool) #12

whohoo I can’t wait to see it. :slight_smile:

(theeth) #13

I really hope you implement the Karma idea (mwahahaha)

I know you’ll do a great job!


(saluk) #14

Sounds totally cool, I can’t wait for it. I’d like to start writing tuts for gameblender, so being able to submit as articles would be really neat.

This site is very profesional and I have been impressed with the layout and slick programming since I started coming her when went down. Keep up the good work.

(system) #15

Nice! Since is now my official source of blender.
If you need any help on anything mail me.

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(SkyWriter) #17

Karma may be defined as “The total effect of a person’s actions and conduct
during the successive phases of the person’s existence, regarded as determining
the person’s destiny”.

In this instance, Karma is a term used to denote a method and apparatus
intended to reduce the amount of ‘negative’ or ‘trolling’ on a public
forum. A exemplary exhibit of this is the ever popular ‘slashdot’
website. Unfortunately, the Karma system in the end merely promotes
‘popular’ viewpoints, and supresses otherwise valid discourse. This
is generally accomplished by using a pool of ‘trusted moderators’
who are given the the task of ranking each posting. ‘trusted’ in this
instance means individuals that will predictably rank according to
the prevailing popular view.

Karma is a algorithmic summation of the rankings that the persons
posts receive. Usually the initial value for a persons post will
be their accumulated Karma. There is also a ‘filter’ mechanism used
to remove posting below certain thresholds from view . So, once you’ve
attained a sufficiently bad Karma, you can’t escape, since nobody
reads your posts (to rank them up) no matter how insightful they maybe.

So, in the end what you get are a narrow category of posts that everyone
feels comfortable with. And then it all stagnates. Group Think.

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(ilac) #19

I like Skywriters explanation of Karma and how it would end up in unhealthy Group think. A possible alternative is to have an ‘ignore user’ feature. That way we have control over ‘our’ personal group. that way group think can happen within the posts we selct to see but it wouldn’t affect th entire forum.

Hmm… Not sure I phrased my thoughts correctly. :-?

(Dittohead) #20