New Elysiun Logo ?

(malefico) #1

I just noticed the 3D logo, cool ! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

(adyus) #2

well, this IS a site about 3D graphics…

(Timothy) #3

yes I’m afraid I added that this morning :slight_smile:

beware much cooler things will come next week (I hope)

(adyus) #4

oh yeah? how about a new CJ and some cool new tutorials? How bout the gallery?

(blengine) #5

that 3d logo is really cool, perfect addition =)

(Timothy) #6

Basicly the reason why those things haven’t shown up yet is because the current server is not capable of any further expansion. I’m having a really hard time doing my backup runs since the limited amount of diskspace I have is almost full, this means backup takes me over 2 hours instead of the usual 15 minutes.
To fix this a new server is required,… more on that next week :slight_smile:


(mrmunkily) #7

how bout another monkeymeter?

(Timothy) #8

You guessed it :slight_smile:

(adyus) #9

monkeymeter??? I’m afraid I’m a little new to Elysiun…haven’t heard this b4

(ben999995) #10

how about an area where we can submit our website links containing images and tutorials so people won’t ahve to look through the forums to find them :slight_smile:

(Timothy) #11

someday yes :slight_smile:

(Goofster) #12

<Westside Story> SOMEdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…SOMEwhereeeeee. We’ll find a new way of living…</westside story>