new elYsiun server harddisk picture

hey hey,

Today all final parts (harddisk brackets and fans) arrived. So I started mounting them,… and just thought it looked really happy:


Wow! Looks like it is hovering. Now those are cooling fans!!

Great !!

now more stuff to this site :smiley:

flying hard drives?

watch out for the dookies!

Wow, could you please post the .blend? :wink:

Kib, for shame, you posted in the wrong forum! :wink:

LOL :smiley: 8)

Kib is that yer model? That’s awesome!!!

that is a picture of his hardrive on a win xp backround.


yes it isn’t rendered! (photoshopped a bit,… but very fast and crappy)

btw,… this isn’t offtopic,… because this is NEWS!!! :slight_smile:



Another server update.
Since has been growing,… I figured the server I had planned,… which was a 300mhz pentium 2 won’t be enough anymore. Atleast not for any further growth.
Thus today I’ve ordered a new motherboard and a new CPU. The new system will thus be a 1,3ghz Athlon with 266FSB.


If you don’t stop growing, you’d have to settle with a Cray cluster :wink:


Interesting - I’m not a total hardware geek- but this is the first time I’ve seen a dual-fan-cooled hard drive. Is it 10000 RPM?

it are 2, 4800rpm fans,… only 29dB so very quiet

LOL, overextruded meant the rpm of the HD, not the fans. Two fans? Hm, might be 12000 rpm. SCSI??

no one in is sound mind would use IDE for a server…


IDE is an affordable solution, and my the disks I bought can run 24/7. IDE disks are being used more and more in webservers.

In any case I have 2 identical disks running at 7200rpm on ata 100, with raid-1 (mirror mode). So data-loss is fairly out of the question. And speed is not a problem either.


oh well…


For what it is worth, I thought I would try modeling the disk with Blender. After about 4 hours …

Lots of booleans (really exploded the poly count) and fun with materials (no external textures).


Nice job. The inner rim where the fans are located seem a bit “faced”, but other than this, it’s very good.

hahaha great dude!

so if I will make more pictures of the entire server, will you make an entire digital version of the server? :slight_smile: