New escher picture found.

in holland they found a picture that escher made and was lost for years. here it is:

broken link

So, Escher invented the red X?

Copy and paste the link people:


hosted it myselve. works now.

Seems he was fond of the Munsters.

I think i’ve seen a picture like that years ago. Is this a joke because the guy in the reflection is Frankenstein.

actually, the joke is that it is the Adams family and Herman Munster is in it…

I did not realise they had HDRI light probes back in those days :o

That is fake if I ever saw one.

there’s a major flaw in this: herman munsters hand is not actually holding the sphere. it’s apparently being held aloft by an invisible person.

that would be “thing” from the adams family

I don’t see what you mean. :-?

No, it is the hand from the adam’s family that is holding the ball, and Herman Munster is sitting next to it.

HAHAHA. The image is from “” and when I went there it said, “Photoshop contests, are you worthy?” at the top of the page.


oh hehe,…I was looking at the picture on a 17 inch monitor and the bottom was cut off. I see it now.

Did you guys see this one?

Don’t make me post that obvious image again.

you got it. its a photoshopped image of the adams family. ill try to find the real one.

No, I meant the Master of the Obvious image…