(New even lower price!) SARFIS New low cost Cycles render farm supports 2.81 2.79 and Lux Render

SARFIS is a simple but fairly powerful render farm for only $1.50/Machine Hour

64 Threads
64GB Ram
64GB Storage
With that much power you can render most productions scenes

We added BlendLuxCore to supported engines. (Along with cycles)

Be sure to check the FAQ if you have any questions!

Any extra questions or rendering support / consulting feel free to send us an email we will be more than happy to help!

We are in alpha so don’t expect flawless service. We do have systems in place if anything goes wrong on our side we will not charge your account. So hopefully that gives some peace of mind :slight_smile:


Little example how to render… Yes the render part is sped up so the video is short :slight_smile:

At the moment SARFIS only tells you the progress of animation renders but soon we will have progress of individual frames as well :slight_smile:


Hi! This looks interesting! I have a question:
Are you offering an actually render farm or just the software to interface to a cloud service such as amazon, google or microsoft?

So the 2$ machine per hour will give the full thing, or do I have to put the cloud service cost on top of that?

I am not sure if I missed something on the website, but I couldn’t understand from the info over there.


This is an actual render farm. For 2 dollars per machine hour we do everything, no hidden / extra costs.

Add Credits
Upload a Blend
Click Render
Receive Rendered Frames

Easy as that :smiley:

There will be 60 - 100 machines that start rendering your job. However if your job is less than 60 frames lets say 40 only 40 machines will render it. 1 machine per frame.

nice, thank you for the answer! Is there some doc or page at the link you posted where I can see the specs of the render nodes?

Other question: how are files with linked libraries (meaning other blender files with assets, not textures) handled? Can I upload a zip with all the relative folder structure and the farm will take care of everything, can I upload the folder structure directly, or do you require a blend with everything packed inside?

I know you are in alpha, but I feel a tiiiiny bit more info on the page might help to involve people a bit more :wink:


There is the option to upload a folder. Relative paths do work if you keep the same file structure on the farm.

ATM the render nodes are 32 thread Xeons with 28 GB of ram. We have bigger nodes but we find these are the sweet spot for fast and cheap renders. SARFIS is optimized for cheap animation rendering not so much fast single frame rendering (but its still faster than most consumer CPUs for single frames).

Ill definitly get some more info up on the website soon :slight_smile: thanks for the feedback. Im not so much a front end dev. Back end is where I do most of my work. Thats why the landing page is so vague


thank you LordOdin this help to get a better picture! 28cores is plenty of power, I think it should be on par with pretty fast videocards, that’s good!

I’ll defintely give it a go, it’s good to have an alternative to “raw” cloud based rendering, especially if the extra price provide good tools to manage the work!

We updated our machines to 32 threads 50GB of ram and 50GB of storage. :smiley: hopefully that will cover most needs. If anyone ever needs bigger machines we can work it out just email us :slight_smile:

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We just upgraded our specs to 64 Threads and 64 GB of RAM without increasing the price :smiley: Now that’s a lot of power

After registration i didn’t receive any Confirmation Mail.

finally receive the mail and the sarfis page print :

This confirmation code does not exist

Hmm interesting. Your account is activated so it did work. I’ll double check our verification system is working properly. Sorry about that. If you have any more questions or issues feel free to pm me I’ll help out the best I can :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help. I can finally login. Now want to know if sarfis support Blendluxcore 2.3 beta1.

We have an animation to render with feature from this version (it s stable enough). Will be great if Yes.

I’ll update today :slight_smile: I’ll let ya know when it’s done

The update is done, I tested it with danish mood 512 samples

There appears to be a bug with high thread count CPUs not doing well in lux ill have to see if the devs know about it. This render should be around 2.5 - 3 minutes, Update. It actually seems the halt condition is to blame, Best bet would be to use halt time condition over anything else atm

Here is the same SARFIS machine limited to 32 threads to prove something isnt right.

Here is the same render limited to 2 minutes… As you can see almost exactly the same

I didn’t get it. Is it now 2$ or 50 cents per hour?
I’m currently working on a photorealistic Nature animation and have a lot of polygons. Has somebody already gained some experience with this product?

its $1.50 / Machine hour. Sorry about the confusion

I think it’s being looked at right now:

Dade: Yes, I’m working on this as I’m doing some test on an 80 threads server in the last days and I have discovered a couple of problems. I’m writing the patches here: https://github.com/LuxCoreRender/LuxCore/tree/new_manycores_support (new_manycores_support branch)


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Yeah I figured that out after I posted it but it’s still good to let people know the most optimal way to render on the farm atm.

Juan posted that forum on my behalf basically haha. We are always benchmarking things

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Very great and fast update. thanks a lot.

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Just updated the build to latest master and these are the times we are getting now, Major improvement :smiley: from 7 minutes to 2.5 minutes just as I estimated