New explanation of Big Buck Bunny

Big Buck Bunny: many B characters, so B = Blender, so Blender is the big bunny.
B waking up from his sleep (thanks open source!).
3 evil animals coming to hurt B.
The 3 evil animals is other 3d softwares like Maya, 3dsMax, XSI. :o)
B must protects himself. Finally B fights against these programs and finally B wins.

And finally B rulez the world!

Coming soon: Elephats Dream new explanation.

Not so long ago I learnt that the CS Lewis books were based on the planets, and while I had read some of them, and quite enjoyed the stories, I never noticed the thing about the planet. Hence BBB could also have a meaning behind it, just like Robin Hood, Avatar and so one. Good one endi!

These sorts of off-the-wall explanations only work when you have a diagram with a bunch of circles and reference either Mayans or 2012.

So Endi can actually do humor other than say Blender is useless without X feature or it needs a 3DS Max GUI?

Pleasant surprise.:yes:

LOL! nice one! aaaaaaaaand… now that you mention it, it kinda makes sense… :wink:

Lol! Now waiting for the ED explanation… :slight_smile:

And, IMO, many times Endi demonstrated to have a good sense of humor, I’d say.

i wonder how does endi look when he smiles ?


Belongs in off-topic.

What if it turns out Frankie…is BIG BUCK BUNNY’S TYLER DURDEN!!!

Further more to this intense discussion, the perception may lie to the viewer, in a pragmatic sense. This is one short that will no doubt withstand time, and parrallels will not necessary be drawn to endi’s one conclusion by right.