New external render engine API in Blender?

At the bottom of this page,

it says that a new render API was made. I was wondering what that really meant for end-users.

Look at the how the Luxrender exporter works in 2.5 for starters

Seamless, easy to use, no redundant interfaces or steps, and can even use a custom Python library (in builds that includes it or after you bring it in manually) so that Lux renders the image inside Blender itself (which then it seems can be strung through the compositor)

Yeah, but AceDragon is it stable yet? There’s a been a flurry of commits involving the scripts lately and renaming stuff.

Here’s LuxBlend25’s dev. logs if you’re interested, it seems that much of the refactoring to get it stable and complete is done.

Also the dev. log for the renderer itself if you’re interested (to show Lux has a dedicated team behind it due to the daily commits unlike Blender Internal)

The render api is very, very, very, umm… very far from stable.

So unstable there was talk about ripping it out until after the stable 2.5/6 release but I think it just got tagged as ‘experimental’ instead because of the number of people using it.

Would be surprised if there wasn’t a complete rewrite later on.

I read that TON wants the API stable - but I am curious as well how much that means stable for Python and well the Render API.

In particular because Octane as a new coder wizzard and I am curious about if his work will also go into Blenders API code.

But at least when the python api is stable exporters will start working more stable.

Or is there any need for the render API to be changed more to address more options out of Blender?
I read that VRay has that issue for example. But I am not sure if I just misunderstood it.

I’m very interested in seeing where Luxblend25 goes in the near future. I got it running a few days ago and successfully exported some meshes to test in LuxRender, but I was having general difficulty in getting materials and whatnot to cooperate… but I’ve never used LuxRender… so… that was probably partially to blame.

I’ll probably give it a try every once in a while to see what progress the exporter is making. I’m very excited to see it better integrated into blender.

@Ace Dragon

You seem to be all over the Lux render-er. Can you tell me what is it’s status in regards to the particle system. My interest mainly concerns hair.

P. Monk

I believe the 2.49 exporter can send hair information to be rendered in Lux, not sure on the progress with the 2.5 exporter yet.