New F-Curve Smoothing mode in review for 2.8 (with 2.79 RC test build)

(angavrilov) #61

Well, the red arc here is what alternating auto clamp and vector does now (acceleration approaches zero near the bounce point and the curve is close to a straight line), while the green is a parabolic arc i.e. the physically correct motion of an object bouncing under influence of gravity or other constant acceleration source:

So the question is whether this is useful enough to introduce a new handle type for creating the green arc automatically. Note that there already is a quadratic easing mode, but as far as I can see it absolutely requires one or the other of the keys to be horizontal, whereas this proposed new handle type would integrate with other bezier handle types like Vector does now.

(Cyaoeu) #62

I got the latest build from but the patch wasn’t in there. :spin:
Is it only for 2.8 or did I miss something?

(angavrilov) #63

Checked just in case and it’s in there.

(Cyaoeu) #64

For me the icons for the keyframe types are gone, and yeah I noticed that the smoothing is there but disabled by default for new curves. How do I set the new smooth mode to be the default in the master branch?

(angavrilov) #65

Well, icons are a separate idea that probably can only get into true 2.8 because apparently it changed a lot how the UI is rendered and the code won’t transfer (i.e. getting it in master right now is pointless).

Smoothing is enabled for new curves, unless you are creating them in some weird way maybe. Also, at some point in my branch I changed the way the smoothing flag is stored, and while my branch has a bit of code to convert from the old format, it obviously wasn’t included in master since the ‘old’ way was unofficial and didn’t exist in master. Such old files need to be re-saved with the current build of the branch.

(Cyaoeu) #66

Yeah it was just reset to None instead of Continuous Acceleration. After adding a keyframe, changing it to Continuous Acceleration, deleting the keyframes and saving the startup file things are back to normal again.

Sorry for the confusion and again thanks for this feature! :cool:

(angavrilov) #67

That’s some weird startup file you have there :wink:

(Cyaoeu) #68

It just has a rig in it. It’s nothing special really. But it’s pretty interesting because it means anyone who used your branch with a custom start file will probably have the same issue.

(angavrilov) #69

Well, I finally made a patch adding the keyframe icons to 2.8: D3788

I also had an idea to detect and mark extremes with little lines above or below the diamond. Detection is based only on the key values, completely ignoring handles, because Dope Sheet view is focused on working with keys - I wonder if that’s a good idea.