New Face

(H-C) #1

heres my New Face scene

copy and paste if not work

(Dittohead) #2

That’s looks good, depth o’ field and all. :smiley:

(CGI FAN) #3

try to make a light 10-50° away from the front of the head, it will give a more reallistic touche

(crazymopho) #4

Looking really good. Just doesnt look quite right, and i realized why…

Shadows. Add/use spotlights so that shadows are casted onto the face from the hate, glasses, and even the nose.

Great work

(crazymopho) #5

HAT, rather :x

(blengine) #6

thats so great! all the uvmapping is giving me that blender uv map feeling though, like the “somethings not quite right” feeling… its looking real good though, i love it

(sten) #7


but why do we all the time see it from front, and not from the side
as the profile if his head ?

(rwv01) #8

Am I wrong or are there two mouths? ;-))
Looks really good but I think the textures need some realignment.

Great modeling!

(GemaRastem) #9

That is really good, I would like to try to render a face.

(ookami77) #10

I think you should make the bottom lip just a bit more full and smooth out the area from the bottom of the bottom lip to the chin so that there isn’t such a defined shadow under the lip. Also the skin texture could use some liverspots and wrinkles to add to that ‘old guy’ look… Very nice model tho’