New feature idea

One of the big problems with blender, and probaly all modelers, is that when following a online tutorial. It’s a pain because you always have to keep switching windows every few seconds. Unless of course you have dual monitors. Which most people don’t. So what I am suggesting is a pdf viewer inside blender it’s self. Since there’s alot of tutorials that you can download as a pdf, and that number keeps increasing. So instead of having to switch windows every few seconds, all you have to do is split your 3d view in two, and switch one side to the pdf viewer. And you have a much faster and more convienent way to follow tutorials.

If Blender is not in fullscreen mode you can drag it to half size, the same with the PDF and put them side-by-side.


if you are really spiffy (and only have those two windows open) you can [in windows] right click on your taskbar and choose tile windows vertically (side by side)

horizontal is on top of each other

I have a much better suggestion. I was thinking about the same thing about tutorials, however I have been too lazy and I have been thinking that my suggestion might not be heard.

I think that a better solution would be to be able to somehow see pictures in blender’s built in text editor.

But of course, the high-tech solution is always the best, so…

Print the tutorial! :o

yea i tryed to do the duel thing with my pc and the problem i run into was i was dumb enuff to update my adobeacrobat so now in order for me to read the tut i have to kiss my moniter

Care to explain why? I can think of quite a few reasons not to, myself.

? :o I think your problems run a bit deeper than blender in this instance :wink:

lol no the pron i have on my pc has nothing to do with that… um ok maybe it dose but thats besides the point