new feature needed

something that i think is missing from blender is the ability to freeze a mesh, in a similar way that 3ds max does, to make it easier to use a plane with a blueprint on it, so you dont have manipulating problems while building a model.

what do you think.

3ds max (gui)

you can do that with the outliner.

search for “Toggling object-level restrictions”.

Edit: I guess you could just lock its movement through the transform properties panel, so it won’t move but still be selectable.

Sorry, what do you mean by “freezing a mesh”?

What’s the issue with planes and blueprints?

Please post some pictures/more info for those of us without max :slight_smile:

Just like sick said:

Works just like freezing in smax.

Oh, and by the way. Background images works a lot better in blender than in max. Worth checking out :wink:
At least I prefer them over using planes.

thanks sick thats what i wanted to know.

to everyone else in 3ds max you freeze your mesh so you cant manipulate the plane that you use with a blueprint on it while creating your model.

the reason i started this was because i found a blender tutorial that used a box to add your blueprints onto,

O, well , when I model with side view and front view background images aka blueprints, I just load 2 images in 2 3D windows. One window is set on front view, the other on side view. Never had a problem with that. I see a lot of tutorials in Maya and Max using 2 intersecting planes. That s combersome. In Blender you can set the alpha value of the background image…works far more better like that.

The advantage of using alpha mapped planes is you can have more than one cross section on an axis and you can get a sense of “volume” in the 3d view when you rotate it around… whether in perspective or ortho.

That’s why even though you can add a background image in “those other packages” you’ll often see this method of intersecting planes used…

just FYI!