New feature request for blender... er... something

I was just thinking. Wouldn’t it be better if you would be able to name your states in blender game engine? So, instead of having numbers for the name of them,(which we could still have.) we could have like “idle state” and “walking state” and “fighting state”. So we wouldn’t have “state 1” “state 12” “state 17” because that can get confusing if you have a bunch of different states. OR can you already do that and I was just unaware of it?

The name of the state is the name of the topmost controller within a state.

So if you name the top controller of state 2 “init” and you hover over state 2 you see “init”. The controller does not even need to be connected to anything. Which means it does not eat any processing time.

My personal naming conventions are these:

  • sensors = s<Name>
  • actuators = a<Name>
  • controllers
    —top controller = StateName (starting with upper case letter)
    —Python controller = copy of the config so I see what it calls
    —Expression controller = not determined as I do not use them
    —other controllers = I don’t care as the type tells me what they are doing


It would be nice though if the state’s name wasn’t tied to a controller.
What would be nice, is if you could just right mouse click on the state and get an option to re-name. A little dialogue box pops up, you type in the name, and presto, every time your mouse goes over that state… the name you gave it appears.
I’ll go back to work now and keep dreaming.