New feature: rotate sculpt brush to mouse direction

Hey all,

I wanted to do this yesterday but couldn’t find any way of doing it (may well just be me being silly though). If it can already be done, please shout out!

Basically, as you draw, the brush rotates to point in the same direction your mouse is moving.
(left before, right after)

The value used for rotation is used as a base value. It only changes the direction if you’ve moved more than 10 pixels, so it’s not jittery.

If people are interested, I’ll see if the code can be submitted. I’d need to add a button to toggle this behavior too. I can stick up a 64 linux build, or just hand out the only changed file :slight_smile:

Edit -
Patch (updated):
Apply against the latest svn.

you want rake’s eh? :smiley:

edit: or if you actually created the option then i would very much welcome it! :slight_smile:

That would be a very useful feature for many things.

If you coded it, go ahead and submit it.:yes:

It looks like you achieved the effect you were looking for - very nice indeed. A similar effect almost can be made with the use of ctrl-F to rotate the brush manually, but your work shows an automatic rotation that makes quick alignment possible. Again, very nice IanC!!:smiley:

Rakes! That’s it! Yeah I did this today :slight_smile:

Thanks CD & craigomatic.

Next step is to learn how to put a button in and make this thing optional (atm you’d have to switch between builds to turn it on and off!).

I’ll also need to learn how to create a patch…

Patch added & updated. It’s also in the tracker for any and all.

I can do a 64 bit linux build if anyone wants it.

Edit - can a passing mod change the title to read “New Feature:” rather than “New Feature?”? I’m pretty sure it’s new now :slight_smile: cheers!

That is excellent feature. Very useful in some cases, hope it will be also in texture paint.

Thanks for this!

great little improvement. would be great with texture paint too.

You can change the title yourself. If you’re in the News & Discussion forum, you can click on the area next to your thread title.

Myn.pheos, pildanovak thanks. Hadn’t thought about texture paint. I’ll look into it.

I can’t find that. Not in ‘edit’ mode either. Still, I have weird permissions all over the forum.

no worries… i changed it.


Thanks, basse.